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Course: Pract. in Exp. & Measuring Methods 2

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/PET2

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Petr Schovánek'

Annotation: The aim is to teach students some modern optical methods in practice applications.

Course review:
1st week: Introduction to the practicum, overview of the laboratory tasks, organization and formal affairs concerning the attendance of the classes and basic experimental elements in the optical experiment, work safety in the practicum and work with lasers List of topics of the practicum: ANALYSIS OF THE SURFACE OF THE MATERIALS - Measurement of shape and spatial structure of the surface of engineering components and optical elements by means of contact Taylor-Hobson TALYFORM roughness-meter - Determination of roughness of the surface of polished components by means of CASI scatterometer - Usage of mobile roughness-meter for optimization of technology of optical elements EVALUATION OF OPTICAL ELEMENTS - Optical methods for evaluation of the shape and dimension parameters of mirror surfaces, MEOPTA spherical interferometer - Mechanical measuring methods for checking of geometrical shapes of components - Optical transmission function, objective method of evaluation of quality of optical systems, EROS measuring device - Methods of measurement of reflectivity of optical surfaces and thin layers - Measurement by optical goniometer INTERFEROMETERS FOR MEASURING PURPOSES - Conditions for generation of interference phenomenon, visibility of interference fringes, measurement of deformation of the surface - Types of interferometers and their usage in measuring methods, Michelson interferometer for measurement of small shifts - Interference in white light MICROSCOPES - Microscope as a tool for measurement of small distances - Imaging of the structure of technical surfaces by means of laser confocal OLYMPUS LEXT microscope - Universal ZEISS microscope with micro-hardness tester