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Course: Optical waveguiding structures

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/OVSX

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Ing. Jaromír Křepelka, CSc.'

Annotation: The aim is to recall the propagation of electromagnetic waves solving Maxwell equations, to state basic physical properties of interaction between radiation and matter and to describe linear phenomena in layered systems and linear properties of optical waveguides.

Course review:
Wave equation for monochromatic waves, its solution in planar mirror and dielectric waveguide, symmetric and asymmetric waveguide, modes TE and TM, mode structure, field structure, dispersion relation, group velocity, single-mode waveguides and their linear properties. Coupling between modes, coupling elements, switching. Waveguides with general profiles. Fibre optics, modes in radially symmetric systems, different types of fibres, structured fibres, step-index and grade-index fibres, attenuation and dispersion, mode dispersion. More complex elements of fibrous and nonlinear optics - splitters, izolators, atenuators, modulators.