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Course: Optical Properties of Nanostructures

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/BOVN

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'doc. Mgr. Jan Soubusta, Ph.D.'

Annotation: At the beginning quantities describing the optical properties of solids are introduced. Then the optical phenomenon as electrooptical, acoustooptical, magnetooptical are explained using appropriate mathematical description. Examples of real structures are demonstrated continuously.

Course review:
- Optical constants, description of interaction of light with a matter, definition of optical constants (permittivity, permeability, susceptibility, conductivity, nonlinear susceptibility) and quantities describing optical radiation, Maxwell equations, classification of materials according to the optical parameters - Nonlinear optical constants, susceptibility of the second order and the third order, microscopic model - Relations between optical constants, description by means of complex quantities (refractive index, permittivity, conductivity, susceptibility), relation to real quantities, description of the wave at the interface of two media, matter relations, causality, function of response, introduction of Fourier components of the fields, Kramers-Kronig dispersion relations, Lorentz-Drude model of a solid - Anisotropy, introduction of tensor quantities (stress, piezoelectric tensor), introduction of shortened notation by means of multi-indexes, transformations of tensors on operations of symmetry, radial/axial tensors, symmetric/antisymmetric tensors, representations of tensors by means of quadratic surfaces, measurements of tensor components, mutual influence of symmetry of the crystal, physical properties and acting force, Fresnel equations of wave normals, index ellipsoid, index surface, uniaxial and biaxial materials, linear and circular dichroism, tension-induced or tension-modified anisotropy (electric field, magnetic field, stress), Faraday rotation, magnetic Kerr phenomenon - Electroptical phenomena, linear (Pockels) phenomenon, quadratic (Kerr) phenomenon, amplitude/phase modulators of light - Acoustooptical phenomena, Bragg law of diffraction, limits describing Bragg regime and Raman-Nath regime of diffraction, diffraction orders, efficiency of elements, AO modulator, AO deflector - Absorption bands, calculation of absorption, description of absorption bands, critical points, allowed/forbidden transitions, direct/indirect transitions, contribution of the photon in the case of indirect transitions, shape of experimentally measured bands of absorption, influence of excitons - Applications on rela materials, influence of size of the crystal, size effects, microcrystals, defects of crystal lattice, local oscillations, super-lattice, phase transitions, domains