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Course: Optics and Optometry

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/SZZD2

Year: 2021


Annotation: Basics of geometrical and physical optics Model of the human eye, schematic eye,

Course review:
-Basics of geometrical and physical optics -Model of the human eye, schematic eye, influence of changes of eye parameters on the total refraction -Accommodation -Presbyopia, ametropia, hypermetropia, myopia and principles and fundamentals of corrections -Astigmatism of the eye and its types, correction of astigmatism -Heterophoria, fixation, disparity, associative phoria, total binocular correction -Strabismus -Aphakia, anisoiconia and possibilities of their correction -Adaptation of the eye -Contrast sensitivity -Optotypes and measuring instruments for subjective refraction, objective refractometers, retinoscope, ophthalmometer, slit lamp -Devices for investigation of binocular functions of the eye -Devices for investigation of eye background -Devices for investigation of visual field of the eye -Basic parameters of glass lenses and their measurements -Types of glass lenses, measurements of contact lenses, measurements of glass rims -Technologies of production of glass lenses, glass rims, procedures of centering of glass lenses, modifications, adjustment and reparations glass rims