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Course: Quantum and Statistical Physics

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/SZZA4

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Hradil, CSc.'

Annotation: Formalism of quantum mechanics, statistical physics and atomic physics.

Course review:
1. Basic experiments of quantum mechanics, de Brogli wave length, Stern-gerlach experiment, black body radiation, photoefect. 2. Formalism of quantum mechanics, representations. 3.Measurement in quantum mechanics, statistical interpretation, compatibility and dualism. 4. Dynamics of quantum systems, Schroedinger equation, Heisenberg equations. 5. Solutions for simple quantum mechanical systems: potential well, harmonic oscillator, spin and two level systems, laser, maser, NMR. 6. Schrödinger equation for hydrogen atom, centrifugal potential. 7. Symmetry in quantum mechanics, identical particles, parity and permutations. 8. Statistical mechanics and interpretation of thermodynamical laws, Phase space, probability distributions. 9. Microcanonical, canonicaland grand canonical statistical ensambles, partition function. 10. The first principle of thermodynamics, entropy and second principle of thermodynamics. Thermodynamical potentials. 11. Basic of quantum statistics, Bose- Einstein and Fermi distributions, Balck body radiation, Planck law. 12. Electron structure of the atoms. Atomic structure of a matter. Examples of structures of molecules and condensed systems. Electron structure of the systems of many atoms. Electrons in metals and semiconductors 13. Nuclei, basic a parameters and models, nuclear forces, meson fileds, electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions. Types of nuclear reactions, crossection and energy of nuclear processes, natural and artificial radioactivity.