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Course: Seminar on Fourier analysis

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/SF

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. Mgr. Jaroslav Řeháček, Ph.D.'


Course review:
1. Fourier transformation: Definition and properties, digital FT, sampling. 2. Applications: Convolution, correlation, numerical derivation. 3. Optical FT: Fraunhofer diffraction, Fourier properties of lenses. 4. Imaging: PSF and OTF. 5. Optical aberrations: Wave aberrations, apodization, Strehl ratio. 6. Spatial spectrum filtering: High pass and low pass filters, selective filtering. 7. Discrimination: Recognition of images and patterns, matched filters. 8. Image reconstruction: PSF deconvolution, inverse and Wiener filters, applications. 9. Advanced applications I: Principal components analysis, image compression, JPEG. 10. Advanced applications II: Super-resolution techniques, phase reconstruction, Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm. 11. Advanced applications III: Radon transformation, FT in ray tomography.