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Course: Coher. Opt. Measurem. & Communication 2

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/KOMK2

Year: 2018

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Miroslav Ježek, Ph.D.', 'RNDr. František Petráš'

Annotation: Quantum description of light, loss and noise, quantum limits. Measurement of quantum state of light, homodyne detection. Semiconductor detectors of light and their electronic interfaces.

Course review:
I KOMK content 1.Přenos information, modulation and demodulation (wave description) 2.Deterministický signal versus noise 3.Druhy and spectral characteristics of noise 4.Measurement signal to noise correlation optical and electrical signals 5.Experimentální principles and applications of semiconductor lasers 6.Realizace obvodyů for pumping solid state lasers and measurement, modulation limits 7. Experimental realization of different methods for generating short optical pulses of electrical and (1 to 4 dr.Ježek, 5 to 7 dr.Petráš) Contents KOMK II 1.Kvantový description lights, coherent and non-classical states of light 2.Basic optical components and optical quantum description of losses and noise 3. Construction homodyne detector and methods of measurement status lights 4.Measurement with semiconductor detectors, their properties and usage 5.Structures electronic preamplifier and amplifier operational amplifier 6.Experimentální evaluating the detected optical signal and the recorded electrical signals (1 to 3 dr.Ježek, 4 to 6 dr.Petráš)