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Course: Experimental Photonics

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/EFO

Year: 2018

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Miroslav Ježek, Ph.D.'

Annotation: The course aims to realize selected experimental setups, carry out particular measurements and improve student's experimental skills in the field of modern photonics.

Course review:
1. L.I. characterization of LED, SLED and laser diode 2. Optical fibers and waveguides, fiber couplers 3. Characterization od electro-optic integrated phase modulator 4. Two-photon absorption in semiconductor, interference autocorrelation 5. Dynamical range of photodetector, single-photon detectors 6. Parametric downconversion and generation of correlated photon pairs 7. Bunching and intibunching of light, HBT autocorrelation measurement 8. Single photon interferometer 9. Hong-Our-Mandel interference, simple quantum logic gate 10. Entangled states and Bell inequalities 11. Light-matter interaction, saturated absorption spectroscopy