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Course: Practicals in School Experiments 1

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/PPO1X

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Zdeněk Pucholt'

Annotation: The course is a part of the basic subject teaching of students of physics teaching in the Master's degree. It aims to acquaint students with the basic idea, meaning and appropriate concept of physical experiments in education at primary and grammar schools. Part of the course is the study of theoretical aspects of physical experiments and especially their practical application in the thematic areas (mechanics, molecular physics and thermodynamics, oscillations, waves and acoustics).

Course review:
Experiments in teaching physics. Experiment in physical science. Classification of experiments in school physics. Didactic functions of experiments. Didactic requirements for a demonstration experiment. The main phases of the demonstration experiment. Technique of preparation and realization of demonstration experiments. Principles and rules of work safety during experiments. General focus of realized experiments: Kinematics of a mass point (uniform and non-uniform motion, accelerated motion, free fall); dynamics of a mass point and a system of mass points (interaction of bodies, Newton's laws of motion, non-inertial reference systems and inertial forces); rigid body mechanics (moment of force, folding and decomposition of forces, center of gravity, flywheels); motions of bodies in the homogeneous gravitational field of the Earth (compound movements, motions in resistive environments, weightless state); fluid mechanics (fluid pressure, buoyancy, fluid flow and flow around bodies). Kinetic theory of substances; thermodynamic system; internal energy and its changes; thermal processes in gases and heat engines; properties of solids, liquids and gases; changes of state. Harmonic and compound oscillations; forced oscillations and resonance; mechanical waves in a flexible environment; interference, reflection, refraction and bending of mechanical waves; standing waves.