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Course: Instrumental Physics 1

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/PFA1

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Petr Novák, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Students will learn the principles of measurement of different types of units and ranges, and acquire basic knowledge of processing signals from the detectors. They will also be acquainted with the basics of vacuum and cryogenic techniques

Course review:
- The measuring chain structure; converters of physical to electrical quantities, their static and dynamic characteristics and reduction of their errors - Visible light sensors (detectors, converters); thermal and photoelectric detectors (photoelectric cell, photomultiplier, photoresistor, photodiode) - Temperature sensors; resistive, semiconducting, thermoelectric, pyroelectric thermometers; IT90 temperature scale - Ionizing radiation detection; scintillation, gaseous and semiconducting detectors; charged particles and neutrons detection - Mechanical properties measurements - Vacuum technique, vacuum pumps types, low pressures measurements, vacuum instruments construction - Low-temperature measurements, cryo-technic, cryostats