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Course: Practicals in Mechanics and Mol. Physics

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/FPN1

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Renata Holubová, CSc.'

Annotation: Experimental tasks - measurement.

Course review:
List of laboratory tasks for the physical practicum (mechanics, oscillations and waves, acoustics)

1st week: compulsory safety training

Laboratory tasks of the 1st cycle:

  • Measurement of the shear modulus by (a) static method and (b) dynamic method
  • Mechanical hysteresis: (a) measurement of the hysteresis loop, (b) determination of elastic modulus of various materials from the torsion of the rods
  • Measurement on mathematical pendulum: (a) determination of dependence of T on l, determination of dependence of T on ?, (c) determination of g from the swing time
  • Measurement of gravitational acceleration by reverse pendulum, dependence of oscillation time of physical pendulum on g - Mach pendulum
  • Measurement of the surface tension of the liquids by (a) droplet method and (b) from the output in the capillary (all methods are comparative)
  • Measurement of heat transmission - determination of k-coefficient
  • Solar radiation, solar technology, greenhouse effect, efficiency of solar cells, usage of the ISES system
  • Laws of gases Measurement of liquid viscosity by capillary viscometer, (b) measurement of thermal dependence of liquid viscosity by Höppler viscometer or by Engler viscometer
  • Heat conduction - determination of the thermal gradient, determination of the coefficient of heat conduction
  • Molar heat of gases, determination of Cp, Cv and R parameters