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Course: Didactics of Physics 1

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/DIDF1

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'doc. RNDr. Roman Kubínek, CSc.'


    Introduction to the study of didactics of physics, conception of didactics of physics, problematic issues of didactics of physics.

    Course review:

    • Introduction to the study of didactics of physics, conception of didactics of physics, problematic issues of didactics of physics, didactic system, educational process, physics as a scientific discipline, structure of physics and methods of physical knowledge a their transformations to didactic system of physics
    • Expressive means of school physics, terms of school physics, classification of terms, formation of terms in physics, quantities, laws, theories, notation of quantities, units and equations, vector quantities, means of graphical representation of function dependences in physics
    • Aims of physical education, educational standards, organization forms and methods of teaching physics, lesson of physics, planning of teaching activities, teaching preparation
    • Typology of physical tasks, methodics of task solving, non-traditional tasks in physics, competitions of students in solving of physical tasks
    • Demonstrative experiment in physics, position of demonstrative experiment in various methods of explanation of subject matter, methodics and technique of school experiment, utilities for demonstrative experiments, real experiment and model of physical process, work safety for school experimental techniques
    • Student experiment in physics, organization forms of student experimental activities at the basic school and the secondary school, frontal and group laboratory work, physical practicum, examples of student experiments in teaching at the basic school and the secondary school
    • Teaching supported by technical means, audiovisual means in physics teaching, teaching supported by computer technique
    • Evaluation of teaching impact, verification of student knowledge, organization forms and types of examinations, marking
    • Intersubject relations in physics teaching, relation of physics to other disciplines, interdisciplinary and intersubject relations, content, methodic and time coordination, integration of physical education
    • Physics at the basic school, problem of physical education at the basic school, physics textbooks, integration principles of physical education at the basic school
    • Physics at the secondary school, position of physics in teaching plans of the secondary schools, physics textbooks
    • Physics teaching abroad, position of physics in school systems of selected foreign counties, international confrontation of physics textbooks, significant tendencies in development of physical education, modernization of physics teaching