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Course: Plant Photosynthesis and Stress

Department/Abbreviation: KBF/FOSYS

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'doc. Mgr. Andrej Pavlovič, Ph.D.'


  • Introduction to photosynthesis

    Course review:
    <ul> <li> Introduction to photosynthesis - basic characteristics and energetic balance of photosynthesis, basic concept of photosynthesis, general equation of photosynthesis, light and dark phase of photosynthesis, photosynthetic organisms (halobacteria, bacteria, anabaena, algae and higher eukaryotic organisms), relation of photosynthesis to other functions of plants, evolution of photosynthesis <li> Light - driving force of photosynthesis - photosynthetically active radiation, absorption and emission of photons, Jablonski diagram <li> Light-collective pigments - bacteria-chlorophylls and chlorophylls, absorption spectra, interpretation of bands, chlorophyll in reaction center, additional pigments and their functions (chlorophyll b, phycobilins, carotenoids) <li> Transfer of excitation energy - mechanisms of energy transfer, coherent and incoherent energy transfer, generalized masterlike equation, resonant mechanism, Förster theory, classification of transfer according to interaction intensity, other mechanisms of energy transfer, homogeneous and heterogeneous energy transfer <li> Structure of photosynthetic apparatus - types of leaves (C3 and C4 plants), chloroplasts, thylakoid membranes (TM), grana, structure and composition of TM, lipids - phase separations, separation of fractions enriched by PSII and PSI, proteins in TM, pigment-protein complexes (PPC), native electrophoresis of PPC, light-collective complexes (LHC), structure and organization of LHC in TM <li> Transfer of electrons and protons - halobacteria, bacteria-rhodopsin, reaction center - general principle of action, bacterial reaction center, anabaena and higher plants, II-photosystem and I-photosystem. <li> Regulative mechanisms at the level of thylakoid membranes - Emerson effect, transfer between state 1 and state 2, xanthophyl cycle <li> Fluorescence of chlorophyll - parameters and properties of fluorescence, spectrometers of fluorescence, quality of spectra, distortion effects, "in vivo" fluorescence of chlorophyll a, quantum yield, spectrum at various temperatures, interpretation of emission bands, kinetics of fluorescence of chlorophyll a, fluorescent induction phenomenon (FIJ), measurement of FIJ, characteristic progression of FIJ, parameters of FIJ, quantum yield of photochemistry of II-photosystem, extinction of fluorescence, heterogeneity of I-photosystem and II-photosystem </ul>