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Courses OPT, SLO, KEF, KBF

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Year: 2021 2022
Abbreviationsort iconNameDepartmentYear
ABEye Aberation in Optometric PracticeOPT2021-LS
ACAIAmplitude and time analysis of pulsesKEF2021-ZS
AEAnalogue electronicsOPT2021-LS
AFXApplied PhotonicsSLO2021-ZS
AJFAtomic and Nuclear PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
AJFAtomic and Nuclear PhysicsKEF2021-LS
AJFUAtomic and nuclear physicsKEF2021-ZS
AKSAcquisition SystemsOPT2021-LS
ANAMAtomic and Nuclear Analytical MethodsKEF2021-LS
ANAMXAtomic and Nuclear Analytical MethodsKEF2021-LS
ANIZOptics of Anisotropic MediaOPT2021-LS
AOApplied opticsSLO2021-ZS
AOAstronomical OpticsOPT2021-LS
AOMApplied Optical MeasurementsOPT2021-LS
AOPAstronomical OpticsOPT2021-LS
APTeaching PractiseKEF2021-ZS
APTeaching PractiseKEF2021-LS
APELApplied ElectronicsKEF2021-LS
APLALaser ApplicationsOPT2021-LS
APLEApplied and Theoretical ElectronicsOPT2021-ZS
APLEXApplied and Theoretical ElectronicsOPT2021-ZS
APMSComputer Appl. in Measuring SystemsKEF2021-LS
APNApplied NanotechnologyKEF2021-LS
APROGAndroid Applications DevelopmentSLO2021-LS
APVFActual Problems of Teaching PhysicsKEF2021-LS
AP1BTeaching Practise 1KEF2021-ZS
AP1BTeaching Practise 1KEF2021-LS
AP2CTeaching Practise 2KEF2021-LS
AROCorneal AnalysisOPT2021-LS
ASApplied StatisticsOPT2021-ZS
ASLSAstronomy of the solar systemSLO2021-LS
ASMEApplications of Statistics in MetrologyKEF2021-LS
ASSAstronomy of the solar systemSLO2021-LS
ATOAtom OpticsOPT2021-LS
AVAction Research and Reflective TechniqueKEF2021-ZS
BAF1Bachelor´s Seminar and Thesis 1KEF2021-ZS
BAF2Bachelor´s Seminar and Thesis 2KEF2021-ZS
BAF2Bachelor´s Seminar and Thesis 2KEF2021-LS
BBF1Bachelor´s Seminar and Work 1KBF2021-ZS
BBF2Bachelor´s Seminar and Work 2KBF2021-LS
BFN1Photonic Nanostructures 1SLO2021-ZS
BFN2Photonic Nanostructures 2SLO2021-LS
BFSSeminar in PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
BFYBiological PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
BIELJBioelectric EffectsKBF2021-ZS
BISBusiness in ScienceKEF2021-ZS
BISBusiness in ScienceKEF2021-LS
BISBiological experiments in silicoKBF2021-LS
BISEBiological Experiments In SilicoKBF2021-LS
BMSSeminar in MathematicsKEF2021-ZS
BNKIBiophysics of Nucleic AcidsKBF2021-ZS
BNNENanophotonics and NanoelectronicsSLO2021-LS
BOVNOptical Properties of NanostructuresSLO2021-LS
BPFNPreparation and Char. of Phot. Nanostr.SLO2021-LS
BPOM1Bachelor´s Thesis Work 1OPT2021-ZS
BPOM2Bachelor´s Thesis Work 2OPT2021-LS
BPO1Bachelor´s Thesis Work 1OPT2021-ZS
BPO2Bachelor´s Thesis Work 2OPT2021-ZS
BPO2Bachelor´s Thesis Work 2OPT2021-LS
BPR1Bachelor´s Thesis Work 1SLO2021-ZS
BPR2Bachelor´s Thesis Work 2SLO2021-LS
BPSBachelor Theses SeminarOPT2021-LS
BPSXBachelor Theses SeminarOPT2021-LS
BP1Bachelor´s Thesis Work 1OPT2021-ZS
BP1XBachelor´s Thesis Work 1OPT2021-ZS
BP2Bachelor´s Thesis Work 2OPT2021-LS
BP2XBachelor´s Thesis Work 2OPT2021-LS
BSMBBachelor´s Seminar in Molec. BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
BSNFSeminar of NanophotonicsSLO2021-ZS
BSOBBachelor´s Seminar in General BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
BT1Technology of Spectacles 1OPT2021-LS
BT1XTechnology of Spectacles 1OPT2021-LS
BT2Technology of Spectacles 2OPT2021-ZS
BT2XTechnology of Spectacles 2OPT2021-ZS
BVBinocular VisionOPT2021-LS
BVSVibrational SpectroscopyKEF2021-LS
BVXBinocular VisionOPT2021-LS
BZDFSources and Detectors for NanophotonicsSLO2021-ZS
CADCAD in Optics and Precision MechanicsOPT2021-LS
CISCommunication in ScienceKEF2021-ZS
CIS2Communication in ScienceKEF2021-LS
CLADLabVIEW Preparation of CertificationKEF2021-ZS
CMFTutorial on Mathematics for PhysicistsSLO2021-LS
CSDExercises for School DidacticsKEF2021-LS
CSDKExercises for School Didactics - Curric.KEF2021-ZS
ČMSA1Digital Measuring Systems 1KEF2021-LS
ČMSA2Digital Measuring Systems 2KEF2021-ZS
ČMSA3Digital Measuring Systems 3KEF2021-LS
ČMS1Digital Measuring Systems 1KEF2021-LS
DDODigital Diffractive OpticsOPT2021-ZS
DDP1Diploma Thesis 1OPT2021-ZS
DDP2Diploma Thesis 2OPT2021-LS
DDP3Diploma Thesis 3OPT2021-ZS
DELDigital ElectronicsOPT2021-ZS
DESLight DetectionSLO2021-ZS
DFHistory of PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
DFDigital PhotographyOPT2021-LS
DFMXDiagnostické metody ve fyziceKEF2021-LS
DFYZDidactics of PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
DGODiagnostics in optometryOPT2021-LS
DGPSRangefinders and Navigation SystemsOPT2021-ZS
DHDigital HolographyOPT2021-ZS
DHIDigital HolographyOPT2021-ZS
DIDF1Didactics of Physics 1KEF2021-ZS
DIDF2Didactics of Physics 2KEF2021-LS
DID1Didactics of Physics 1KEF2021-LS
DID2Didactics of Physics 2KEF2021-ZS
DIPA1Thesis Seminar 1SLO2021-LS
DIPA2Thesis Seminar 2SLO2021-ZS
DIPA3Thesis Seminar 3SLO2021-LS
DIPB1Master of Science Thesis Tutorial 1KBF2021-LS
DIPB2Master of Science Thesis Tutorial 2KBF2021-ZS
DIPB3Master of Science Thesis Tutorial 3KBF2021-LS
DIP1M.Sc. Thesis Tutorial in Physics 1KEF2021-ZS
DIP1M.Sc. Thesis Tutorial in Physics 1KEF2021-LS
DIP1XThesis Seminar 1SLO2021-LS
DIP2M.Sc. Thesis Tutorial in Physics 2KEF2021-ZS
DIP2XThesis Seminar 2SLO2021-ZS
DIP3M.Sc. Thesis Tutorial in Physics 3KEF2021-ZS
DIP3M.Sc. Thesis Tutorial in Physics 3KEF2021-LS
DIP3XThesis Seminar 3SLO2021-LS
DIZFCDetectors in Particle PhysicsSLO2021-LS
DIZXDetectors in Particle PhysicsSLO2021-LS
DKOData CommunicationOPT2021-LS
DLSOptical Design of Laser SystemsOPT2021-LS
DPF1Diploma Thesis 1OPT2021-ZS
DPF2Diploma Thesis 2OPT2021-LS
DPF3Diploma Thesis 3OPT2021-ZS
DPF4Diploma Thesis 4OPT2021-LS
DPOB1Bachelor´s Thesis Work 1OPT2021-ZS
DPOB2Bachelor´s Thesis Work 2OPT2021-LS
DPOD1Diploma Thesis 1OPT2021-ZS
DPOD2Diploma Thesis 2OPT2021-LS
DPOD3Diploma Thesis 3OPT2021-ZS
DPOD4Diploma Thesis 4OPT2021-LS
DPSDiploma SeminarOPT2021-ZS
DPS1Diplomový seminář a práce 1KBF2021-LS
DPS2Diplomový seminář a práce 2KBF2021-ZS
DPS3Diplomový seminář a práce 3KBF2021-LS
DP1Master of Science Thesis Work 1OPT2021-ZS
DP2Master of Science Thesis Work 2OPT2021-LS
DP3Master of Science Thesis Work 3OPT2021-ZS
DP4Master of Science Thesis Work 3OPT2021-LS
DSLight DetectionSLO2021-ZS
DSF1Supplem. Seminar for Learning Physics 1KEF2021-ZS
DSF2Supplem. Seminar for Learning Physics 2KEF2021-LS
DZODigital Image ProcessingKEF2021-ZS
EAFXExperimental applied physicsSLO2021-ZS
EDVEuropean Dimensions of EducationKEF2021-LS
EFOTExperimental PhotonicsOPT2021-ZS
EFOXExperimental PhotonicsOPT2021-ZS
EKMFEconomics and Management for PhysicistsKEF2021-LS
ELMNElectromagnetic Field TheoryOPT2021-ZS
ELMPElectromagnetic Field TheoryOPT2021-ZS
ELNOExperimental Laser and Nonlinear OpticsSLO2021-ZS
ELZSEconomics and Legislation of Health CareOPT2021-LS
EMBCHExperimental Methods in BiochemistryKEF2021-LS
EMCFXExperimental methods of particle physicsSLO2021-ZS
EMElektronová mikroskopie molekulKBF2021-ZS
EMElectronic MeasurementsKEF2021-ZS
EMFRExperimental Methods in Plant PhysiologyKBF2021-ZS
EMGElectricity and MagnetismKEF2021-LS
EMGUElectricity and magnetismKEF2021-ZS
EMGUElectricity and magnetismKEF2021-LS
EMGXElectricity and MagnetismKEF2021-LS
EMNEExperimental Methods of NanomaterialsKEF2021-ZS
EMOElectromagnetic OpticsOPT2021-ZS
ENFExperimental Methods of NanophotonicsSLO2021-ZS
ENOEnergetical OpticsOPT2021-LS
ENVFEnvironmental PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
EOPTOExperimental OptoelectronicsOPT2021-LS
ETM1Exp Techniques and Measuring Methods 1KEF2021-LS
ETM1XExp. Techniques and Measuring Methods 1KEF2021-LS
ETM2Exp. Technique and Measuring Methods 2SLO2021-ZS
ETM3Exp. Technique and Measuring Methods 3SLO2021-LS
EXExcursion in OpticsOPT2021-LS
EXKBExcursion in BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
EXKBFExcursion in BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
EXKOExperimental CosmologySLO2021-ZS
EXLNOExperimental Laser and Nonlinear OpticsSLO2021-ZS
EZSEconomics and Legislation of Health CareOPT2021-LS
E2Excursion in OpticsOPT2021-LS
E3Excursion in OpticsOPT2021-ZS
FAFPhysical Aspects of Plant PhysiologyKBF2021-ZS
FAFRPhysical Aspects of Plant PhysiologyKBF2021-ZS
FBIOPhysics for BiologistsKEF2021-LS
FKLU1Condensed Matter Physics 1KEF2021-LS
FKLU2Condensed Matter Physics 2KEF2021-ZS
FKL1Condensed Matter Physics 1KEF2021-LS
FKL2Condensed Matter Physics 2KEF2021-ZS
FN-ESolid State PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
FN1-EPhotonic Nanostructures 1SLO2021-ZS
FN1Photonic Nanostructures 1SLO2021-ZS
FOPhysiological OpticsOPT2021-ZS
FOPPhysiological OpticsOPT2021-ZS
FOPXPhysiological OpticsOPT2021-ZS
FOSYPhotosynthesis and StressKBF2021-ZS
FOSYSPlant Photosynthesis and StressKBF2021-ZS
FOTPhotometry & Sources of Incoh. RadiationOPT2021-LS
FPSemiconductor PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
FPLSolid State PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
FPLPhysics of solidsKEF2021-ZS
FPLSolid-State PhysicsOPT2021-LS
FPLXSolid State PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
FPN1Practicals in Mechanics and Mol. PhysicsKEF2021-LS
FPOVPhysics of surfacesKEF2021-ZS
FPPVPhilosophy of Natural SciencesKEF2021-LS
FP1Practicals in MechanicsKEF2021-LS
FP2Practicals in Electricity and MagnetismKEF2021-ZS
FP3Practicals in Molecular PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
FP3XPracticals in Molecular PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
FP4Practicals in OpticsOPT2021-ZS
FP4Practicals in OpticsOPT2021-LS
FP5Practicals in nuclear physicsKEF2021-ZS
FP5Practicals in nuclear physicsKEF2021-LS
FRBFree radicals in biology and biomedicineKBF2021-LS
FTBPhysical theory of coloursSLO2021-ZS
FUSZAccelerator Physics and Synchrotr. Rad.SLO2021-LS
FVEHigh Energy PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
FVEXHigh Energy PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
FVNKPhysical Properties of Nucleic AcidsKBF2021-ZS
FYBCPhysics for BiochemistsKEF2021-ZS
FYB1Physics 1 (El., Magn., Optics & Atomics)OPT2021-ZS
FYB2Physics 2 (Mechanics and Mol. Physics)KEF2021-LS
FYCVPracticals in PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
FYCH1Physics 1KEF2021-ZS
FYCH2Physics 2KEF2021-LS
FZFPhysical Principles in PhotonicsOPT2021-LS
FZFNPhysical Principles in PhotonicsOPT2021-LS
FZLLaser PhysicsOPT2021-LS
FZNEPhysical Basis of NanotechnologiesKEF2021-ZS
FZNPhysical Basis of NanotechnologiesKEF2021-ZS
FZPVPhilosophy of Natural SciencesKEF2021-LS
F1Physics 1 (El., Magn., Optics & Atomics)OPT2021-ZS
HAJHistory and architecture of small unitsOPT2021-LS
HRSVoice, Speech and HearingKEF2021-ZS
IKEFIntegrateion of experimental physicsKEF2021-ZS
INF1Computer Science 1 (Computer Structure)KEF2021-ZS
INF2Computer Science 2KEF2021-LS
INKFIntegrated Course of PhysicsKEF2021-LS
IOIntegrated OpticsOPT2021-ZS
IOIntegrated OpticsOPT2021-LS
IOPIntegrated OpticsOPT2021-ZS
IOPIntegrated OpticsOPT2021-LS
IRUVOptical Materials for IR and UVOPT2021-LS
ISPPInteractive seminar in the Fort ScienceKEF2021-ZS
ISPPInteractive seminar in the Fort ScienceKEF2021-LS
IZAInteraction of Radiation with AtomsSLO2021-LS
IZLLaser PhysicsOPT2021-LS
JASNuclear AstrophysicsSLO2021-ZS
JMPInstruments in Precision MechanicsOPT2021-ZS
KADesign Anal. and Synth. of Opt. SystemsOPT2021-ZS
KAP1Teaching Practise 1KEF2021-ZS
KAP1Teaching Practise 1KEF2021-LS
KAP2NTeaching Practise 2KEF2021-ZS
KAP2NTeaching Practise 2KEF2021-LS
KCContact LensesOPT2021-ZS
KCXContact LensesOPT2021-ZS
KFTQuantum PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
KKZI1Quantum Commun. & Info Processing 1OPT2021-ZS
KKZI2Quantum Commun. & Info Processing 2OPT2021-LS
KTechnical DrawingOPT2021-ZS
KK3Quantum Commun. & Info Processing 3OPT2021-ZS
KMQuantum MechanicsSLO2021-ZS
KM2XQuantum Mechanics 2SLO2021-ZS
KNAFQuantum and Nonlinear Applied PhotonicsSLO2021-ZS
KNFXQuantum nonlinear photonicsSLO2021-LS
KNP1Initial Teaching Practice 1KEF2021-ZS
KNP1Initial Teaching Practice 1KEF2021-LS
KOKTConceptual Issues in Quantum TheoryOPT2021-ZS
KP1Construction of Instruments 1OPT2021-ZS
KP2Construction of Instruments 2OPT2021-LS
KRES1Drawing 1KEF2021-ZS
KRES2Drawing 2KEF2021-LS
KRPV1Drawing 1KEF2021-ZS
KRPV2Drawing 2KEF2021-LS
KSQuality in SchoolKEF2021-ZS
KSOCoherence and Statistical OpticsOPT2021-LS
KSZDTCosmic Radiation and Detection TechniqueSLO2021-ZS
KTIQuantum Information TheoryOPT2021-ZS
KTIQuantum Information TheoryOPT2021-LS
KTPQuantum Field TheorySLO2021-LS
KTSCurriculum Design in SchoolKEF2021-LS
KVOscilation and WavesOPT2021-ZS
KVSQuality in SchoolKEF2021-ZS
KVTMQuantum Theory of MoleculesOPT2021-ZS
KZDTXCosmic Radiation and Detection TechniqueSLO2021-ZS
KZI1Quantum Commun. & Info Processing 1OPT2021-ZS
KZI2Quantum Commun. & Info Processing 2OPT2021-LS
KZ1Vision Correction IOPT2021-LS
KZ1XVision Correction IOPT2021-LS
KZ2Vision Correction IIOPT2021-ZS
LBFMedical BiophysicsKEF2021-LS
LBFXMedical BiophysicsKEF2021-LS
LMETLegal metrologyKEF2021-LS
LNXLinux BasicsSLO2021-ZS
LOEPOptical & Optoelectron. Med. Instr.OPT2021-ZS
LOLegislation in optometryOPT2021-LS
LPTMedical InstrumentationKEF2021-ZS
LPT2Medical Instrumentation 2KEF2021-ZS
LTEXBasics of LaTeXSLO2021-LS
LTLaser TechnologyOPT2021-ZS
LTPLaser technologies in practiceSLO2021-ZS
LTP1Laser technologies in practice 1SLO2021-LS
LTP2Laser technologies in practice 2SLO2021-ZS
LXLinux BasicsSLO2021-ZS
MAKKModern Asp. of Classic. Theory of Coher.OPT2021-ZS
MAMechanics and AcousticsOPT2021-ZS
MAO1Marketing in Optometry 1OPT2021-ZS
MAO2Marketing in Optometry 2OPT2021-ZS
MAO2Marketing in Optometry 2OPT2021-LS
MATEMMathematical Software in Natural ScienceKEF2021-ZS
MATEMMathematical Software in Natural ScienceKEF2021-LS
MATEXMathematical Software in Natural ScienceKEF2021-LS
MBIOZáklady molekulární biologieKBF2021-ZS
MBMMol.Biol. of Mutagens, Carcinogens, Cyt.KBF2021-ZS
MBMMAdvanced Biophysical Methods in MedicineKBF2021-LS
MBSMössbauer SpectroscopyKEF2021-LS
MBSXMössbauer SpectroscopyKEF2021-LS
MEFSelected Methods of Experim. PhotonicsOPT2021-LS
MFMathematical PhysicsOPT2021-LS
MFTMolecular Physics and ThermodynamicsKEF2021-LS
MFTXMolecular Physics and ThermodynamicsKEF2021-LS
MHOSMeasurement and Testing of Opt. SystemsOPT2021-ZS
MJAssembly & Adjust. of Opt. Instr.OPT2021-ZS
MKMTMicrocontrolers in instrumentationKEF2021-LS
MKRSAMicroscopy and X-ray Structural AnalysisKBF2021-ZS
MLABProgramming in MatlabOPT2021-LS
MMFMechanics and Molecular PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
MMFMechanics and Molecular PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
MMMAdvanced Microscopic MethodsKEF2021-LS
MMMXAdvanced Microscopic MethodsKEF2021-LS
MMXMethods of MeasurementsOPT2021-ZS
MNZSMethods of Design of Imaging SystemsSLO2021-ZS
MOAMethods of Image AnalysisKEF2021-ZS
MOAXMethods of Image AnalysisKEF2021-ZS
MOBIMAdvanced Biophysical Methods in MedicineKBF2021-LS
MOEMaterials for OptoelectronicsOPT2021-LS
MOLBIMolecular BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
MOSIModeling and SimulationKEF2021-ZS
MOSIXModeling and SimulationKEF2021-ZS
MOTMolecular physics and thermodynamicsKEF2021-LS
MPFExtracurricular Practice - PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
MPFExtracurricular Practice - PhysicsKEF2021-LS
MPICTModern ICT tools in educationKEF2021-LS
MRCHMethods of Refraction SurgeryOPT2021-LS
MRSAMicroscopy and X-ray Structural AnalysisKBF2021-ZS
MRSANMicroscopy and X-ray Structural AnalysisKBF2021-ZS
MSEModeling and Simulation in ElectronicsOPT2021-LS
MSPLMethods of Solids StudyKEF2021-ZS
MVPMaterials for optic. elements productionSLO2021-LS
NBETGas sorption methodsKEF2021-LS
NBZNBiological Fundament. of NanotechnologyKEF2021-ZS
NDP1Diploma Thesis 1KEF2021-LS
NDP2Diploma Thesis 2KEF2021-ZS
NDP3Diploma Thesis 3KEF2021-LS
NFZNPhysical Principles of NanotechnologyKEF2021-ZS
NLOPNonlinear OpticsOPT2021-LS
NLOXNonlinear OpticsOPT2021-ZS
NLP1Nanotechnology Practical Training 1KEF2021-ZS
NLP2Nanotechnology Practical Training 2KEF2021-LS
NLP3Nanotechnology Practical Training 3KEF2021-ZS
NLP4Laboratory Training, Project 4KEF2021-ZS
NLP5Laboratory Training, Project 5KEF2021-LS
NLP6Laboratory Training, Project 6KEF2021-ZS
NMIKAdvanced Microscopic TechniquesKEF2021-ZS
NMPNumerical Methods and ProgrammingOPT2021-ZS
NM1Nanomaterials 1KEF2021-ZS
NM2Nanomaterials 2KEF2021-LS
NNENanophotonics and NanoelectronicsSLO2021-LS
NODVIntellectual Property ProtectionKEF2021-ZS
NPTeacher Observ. Practice - IndividualKEF2021-ZS
NPTeacher Observ. Practice - IndividualKEF2021-LS
NPRPracticals in NanotechnologyKEF2021-LS
NRNRisks of nanotechnologyKEF2021-LS
NSANNanotechnology ApplicationKEF2021-ZS
NS1Bachelor´s Seminar for Nanotechnology 1KEF2021-ZS
NS2Bachelor´s Seminar for Nanotechnology 2KEF2021-LS
NUMNumerical Methods and ProgrammingOPT2021-ZS
NVEKMethodology of Scientific WorkKEF2021-ZS
NVSVibrational SpectroscopyKEF2021-LS
OAAtmospheric OpticsOPT2021-LS
OBMEGeneral MetrologyKEF2021-ZS
OBSE2Special Seminar 2KBF2021-LS
OEFOptics for Experimental PhysicistsSLO2021-ZS
OEMOptical Experimental MethodsSLO2021-LS
OESYOptoelectronic SystemsOPT2021-LS
OESYSOptoelectronical SystemsSLO2021-ZS
OEXMOptical Experimental MethodsSLO2021-LS
OKCrystal OpticsOPT2021-LS
OKOMOptics CommunicationOPT2021-ZS
OMETGeneral MetrologyKEF2021-ZS
OMMOptical Methods of MeasurementsOPT2021-LS
OMOptical MeasurementsOPT2021-LS
OMP1Optometrical Professional Training IOPT2021-ZS
OMP2Optometrical Professional Training IIOPT2021-LS
OMROptical MeasurementsOPT2021-LS
OMVTOptical Methods in Science & TechnologyOPT2021-ZS
OMYOptical Measuring MethodsOPT2021-LS
OO1Ophthalmologic. and Optom. Instruments IOPT2021-ZS
OGeometrical and Wave OpticsOPT2021-LS
OO2Ophthalmolog. and Optom. Instruments IIOPT2021-LS
OO2XOphthalmolog. and Optom. Instruments IIOPT2021-LS
OPKOMOptics CommunicationOPT2021-ZS
OPMQuantum OptomechanicsOPT2021-ZS
OPOptical InstrumentsOPT2021-ZS
OPROptical ElementsOPT2021-LS
OPRVOptical ElementsOPT2021-LS
OPTMQuantum OptomechanicsOPT2021-ZS
OPTOptics for Experimental PhysicistsSLO2021-ZS
OPTPRPracticals in Optics for Exp. PhysicistsSLO2021-LS
OPVPLOptical Properties of Solid MaterialsSLO2021-LS
OPVROptical Properties of PlantsKBF2021-ZS
OPXProfessional TrainingKBF2021-LS
OPZOptical ImagingOPT2021-LS
ORVOptical Waveguides and ResonatorsOPT2021-ZS
OSDIDGeneral and School DidacticsKEF2021-ZS
OSP1Optical Spectroscopies 1KEF2021-LS
OSP2Optical Spectroscopies 2KBF2021-LS
OS1Optical Systems 1OPT2021-ZS
OS2Optical Systems 2OPT2021-LS
OS3DOptical 3D SensorsSLO2021-ZS
OTOptical TomographyOPT2021-ZS
OVN-EOptical Properties of Solid MaterialsSLO2021-LS
OVPLOptical Properties of Solid MaterialsSLO2021-LS
OVPLXOptical Properties of Solid MaterialsSLO2021-LS
OVSSOptical Fibre Systems and SensorsOPT2021-LS
OVSXOptical waveguiding structuresSLO2021-ZS
OZIOptical Information ProcessingOPT2021-ZS
OZOptical ImagingOPT2021-ZS
PAInstruments for astronomySLO2021-ZS
PAInstruments for astronomySLO2021-LS
PASProbability and StatisticsOPT2021-ZS
PBTPract. Training in Techn. of SpectaclesOPT2021-ZS
PBVNon-strabismic disorders of bin. visionOPT2021-ZS
PCIPhysics of trapped ionsOPT2021-ZS
PCMSAdvanced digital measurement systemsKEF2021-ZS
PDEUPractical Skill in ElectrotechnologyKEF2021-ZS
PDGAdvanced Digital PhotographyOPT2021-LS
PDHPracticum on Digital HolographyOPT2021-LS
PELPracticals in ElectronicsKEF2021-LS
PEMFRPracticum from Exp. Meth. of Plant Phys.KBF2021-LS
PEMPracticals in El. MeasurementKEF2021-LS
PET1Pract. in Exp. & Measuring Methods 1KEF2021-LS
PET2Pract. in Exp. & Measuring Methods 2SLO2021-ZS
PFA1Instrumental Physics 1KEF2021-ZS
PFA2Instrumental Physics 2KEF2021-LS
PFNPreparation and Char. of Phot. Nanostr.SLO2021-LS
PFPathological PhysiologyOPT2021-LS
PFTPExperiments in Physics-Technique-NatureKEF2021-LS
PGAKConference presentation in EnglishSLO2021-ZS
PGAKConference Presentation in EnglishKEF2021-ZS
PGAKConference Presentation in EnglishKEF2021-LS
PGAKConference presentation in EnglishSLO2021-LS
PGAPConference Presentation in EnglishKBF2021-ZS
PGAPConference Presentation in EnglishKBF2021-LS
PGAS1Special Seminar in EnglishKBF2021-ZS
PGAS1Special Seminar in EnglishSLO2021-ZS
PGAS1Special Seminar in EnglishOPT2021-ZS
PGAS1Special Seminar in EnglishKEF2021-ZS
PGAS1Special Seminar in EnglishKEF2021-LS
PGAS1Special Seminar in EnglishKBF2021-LS
PGAS1Special Seminar in EnglishOPT2021-LS
PGAS1Special Seminar in EnglishSLO2021-LS
PGBDPManagement of Bachelor and Master ThesesKEF2021-ZS
PGBDPManagement of Bachelor and Master ThesesKEF2021-LS
PGBHVoice BiomechanicsKEF2021-ZS
PGBHVoice BiomechanicsKEF2021-LS
PGBMMolecular Biology of MutagensKBF2021-ZS
PGBMMolecular Biology of MutagensKBF2021-LS
PGDP1Dissertation thesis 1SLO2021-ZS
PGDP1Dissertation Thesis 1KEF2021-ZS
PGDP2Dissertation Thesis 2KEF2021-LS
PGDP2Dissertation thesis 2SLO2021-LS
PGDP3Dissertation thesis 3SLO2021-ZS
PGDP3Dissertation Thesis 3KEF2021-ZS
PGDP4Dissertation Thesis 4KEF2021-LS
PGDP4Dissertation thesis 4SLO2021-LS
PGDP5Dissertation thesis 5SLO2021-ZS
PGDP5Dissertation Thesis 5KEF2021-ZS
PGDP6Dissertation Thesis 6KEF2021-LS
PGDP6Dissertation thesis 6SLO2021-LS
PGD1Dissertation Thesis 1OPT2021-ZS
PGD1Dissertation Thesis 1KBF2021-LS
PGD2Dissertation Thesis 2KBF2021-LS
PGD2Dissertation Thesis 2OPT2021-LS
PGD3Dissertation Thesis 3OPT2021-ZS
PGD3Dissertation Thesis 3KBF2021-LS
PGD4Dissertation Thesis 4KBF2021-LS
PGD4Dissertation Thesis 4OPT2021-LS
PGD5Dissertation Thesis 5OPT2021-ZS
PGD6Dissertation Thesis 6OPT2021-LS
PGEAExperimental Physics with Atoms and IonsOPT2021-ZS
PGEAExperimental Physics with Atoms and IonsOPT2021-LS
PGEBExperimental Methods od BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
PGEBExperimental Methods od BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
PGEFExperimental Methods of PhotosynthesisKBF2021-ZS
PGEFExperimental Methods of PhotosynthesisKBF2021-LS
PGEKExperimental Quantum OpticsOPT2021-ZS
PGEKExperimental Quantum OpticsOPT2021-LS
PGFETheor.Problems of Experiments in PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
PGFETheor.Problems of Experiments in PhysicsKEF2021-LS
PGFMFluorescence Methods in PhotosynthesisKBF2021-ZS
PGFMFluorescence Methods in PhotosynthesisKBF2021-LS
PGFOFourier Optics and HolographyOPT2021-ZS
PGFOFourier Optics and HolographyOPT2021-LS
PGFVPhysics and its ApplicationsKEF2021-ZS
PGFVPhysics and its ApplicationsKEF2021-LS
PGFYPhysiological OpticsOPT2021-ZS
PGFYPhysiological OpticsOPT2021-LS
PGF2The main author of publication with IF 2KEF2021-ZS
PGF2The main author of publication with IF 2KEF2021-LS
PGF3The main author of publication with IF 3KEF2021-ZS
PGF3The main author of publication with IF 3KEF2021-LS
PGHRVoice, Speech and Hearing SciencesKEF2021-ZS
PGHRVoice, Speech and Hearing SciencesKEF2021-LS
PGIBInteractions of BiomoleculesKBF2021-ZS
PGIBInteractions of BiomoleculesKBF2021-LS
PGIC1Coauthor of Publication with IF 1KBF2021-ZS
PGIC1Coauthor of Publication with IF 1KBF2021-LS
PGIC2Coauthor of Publication with IF 2KBF2021-ZS
PGIC2Coauthor of Publication with IF 2KBF2021-LS
PGIC3Coauthor of Publication with IF 3KBF2021-ZS
PGIC3Coauthor of Publication with IF 3KBF2021-LS
PGIC4Coauthor of Publication with IF 4KBF2021-ZS
PGIC4Coauthor of Publication with IF 4KBF2021-LS
PGIC5Coauthor of Publication with IF 5KBF2021-ZS
PGIC5Coauthor of Publication with IF 5KBF2021-LS
PGIFPrinc. author. of a publ. with IF 1SLO2021-ZS
PGIFPrinc. author. of a publ. with IF 1SLO2021-LS
PGIFSCo-authorship of a publication with IF 1SLO2021-ZS
PGIFSCo-authorship of a publication with IF 1SLO2021-LS
PGIF1The main author of publication with IF 1KEF2021-ZS
PGIF1The main author of publication with IF 1OPT2021-ZS
PGIF1The main author of publication with IF 1KEF2021-LS
PGIF1The main author of publication with IF 1OPT2021-LS
PGIF2Princ. author. of a publ. with IF 2SLO2021-ZS
PGIF2The main author of publication with IF 2KEF2021-ZS
PGIF2The main author of publication with IF 2OPT2021-ZS
PGIF2The main author of publication with IF 2KEF2021-LS
PGIF2The main author of publication with IF 2OPT2021-LS
PGIF2Princ. author. of a publ. with IF 2SLO2021-LS
PGIF3Princ. author. of a publ. with IF 3SLO2021-ZS
PGIF3The main author of publication with IF 3KEF2021-ZS
PGIF3The main author of publication with IF 3KEF2021-LS
PGIF3Princ. author. of a publ. with IF 3SLO2021-LS
PGIM1Main Author of Publication with IF 1KBF2021-ZS
PGIM1Main Author of Publication with IF 1KBF2021-LS
PGIM2Main Author of Publication with IF 2KBF2021-ZS
PGIM2Main Author of Publication with IF 2KBF2021-LS
PGIM3Main Author of Publication with IF 3KBF2021-ZS
PGIM3Main Author of Publication with IF 3KBF2021-LS
PGIM4Main Author of Publication with IF 4KBF2021-ZS
PGIM4Main Author of Publication with IF 4KBF2021-LS
PGIM5Main Author of Publication with IF 5KBF2021-ZS
PGIM5Main Author of Publication with IF 5KBF2021-LS
PGIS1Co-authored publ. in journal with IF 1OPT2021-ZS
PGIS1Co-authorship of a publication with IF 2SLO2021-ZS
PGIS1Co-authored Publ. in Journal with IF 1KEF2021-ZS
PGIS1Co-authored Publ. in Journal with IF 1KEF2021-LS
PGIS1Co-authored publ. in journal with IF 1OPT2021-LS
PGIS1Co-authorship of a publication with IF 2SLO2021-LS
PGIS2Co-authored publ. in journal with IF 2OPT2021-ZS
PGIS2Co-authored Publ. in Journal with IF 2KEF2021-ZS
PGIS2Co-authored Publ. in Journal with IF 2KEF2021-LS
PGIS2Co-authored publ. in journal with IF 2OPT2021-LS
PGIS3Co-authored Publ. in Journal with IF 3KEF2021-ZS
PGIS3Co-authored Publ. in Journal with IF 3KEF2021-LS
PGITICT Application in Physics TeachingKEF2021-ZS
PGITICT Application in Physics TeachingKEF2021-LS
PGIZInteraction of Radiation with MatterOPT2021-ZS
PGIZInteraction of Radiation with MatterOPT2021-LS
PGJADPrinciples of Nuclear and Particle Phys.KEF2021-ZS
PGJADPrinciples of Nuclear and Particle Phys.KEF2021-LS
PGKFQuantum and Statistical PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
PGKFQuantum and Statistical PhysicsOPT2021-LS
PGKKQuantum Communication & Inf. ProcessingOPT2021-ZS
PGKKQuantum Communication & Inf. ProcessingOPT2021-LS
PGKOCrystals in OptoelectronicsOPT2021-ZS
PGKOCrystals in OptoelectronicsOPT2021-LS
PGKUTheory of a Curriculum DesignKEF2021-ZS
PGKUTheory of a Curriculum DesignKEF2021-LS
PGKVQuantum-optical CommunicationOPT2021-ZS
PGKVQuantum-optical CommunicationOPT2021-LS
PGMADMagnetic Measurements of NanomaterialsKEF2021-ZS
PGMADMagnetic Measurements of NanomaterialsKEF2021-LS
PGMBMolecular BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
PGMBMolecular BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
PGMDMethodology of Didactics of PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
PGMDMethodology of Didactics of PhysicsKEF2021-LS
PGMIDThe Modern Microscopic MethodsKEF2021-ZS
PGMIDThe Modern Microscopic MethodsKEF2021-LS
PGMOModels and Simulations in Phys. TeachingKEF2021-ZS
PGMOModels and Simulations in Phys. TeachingKEF2021-LS
PGMPModelling of Photosynthetic ProcessesKBF2021-ZS
PGMPModelling of Photosynthetic ProcessesKBF2021-LS
PGNADNanotechnology - Physical BaseKEF2021-ZS
PGNADNanotechnology - Physical BaseKEF2021-LS
PGNKStructure, Prop., and Funct. of Nucl.Ac.KBF2021-ZS
PGNKStructure, Prop., and Funct. of Nucl.Ac.KBF2021-LS
PGNONonlinear OpticsOPT2021-ZS
PGNONonlinear OpticsOPT2021-LS
PGOBDDigital Image Signal ProcessingKEF2021-ZS
PGOBDDigital Image Signal ProcessingKEF2021-LS
PGOMQuantum OptomechanicsOPT2021-ZS
PGOMQuantum OptomechanicsOPT2021-LS
PGOOOptical Properties of EyeOPT2021-ZS
PGOOOptical Properties of EyeOPT2021-LS
PGOPOptional special course 1SLO2021-ZS
PGOPOptional special course 1SLO2021-LS
PGOP1Optional Special Course from NMgr. 1KBF2021-ZS
PGOP1Optional Special Course 1KEF2021-ZS
PGOP1Optional Special Course 1KEF2021-LS
PGOP1Optional Special Course from NMgr. 1KBF2021-LS
PGOP2Optional Special Course from NMgr. 2KBF2021-ZS
PGOP2Optional special course 2SLO2021-ZS
PGOP2Optional Special Course 2KEF2021-ZS
PGOP2Optional Special Course 2KEF2021-LS
PGOP2Optional Special Course from NMgr. 2KBF2021-LS
PGOP2Optional special course 2SLO2021-LS
PGOP3Optional special course 3SLO2021-ZS
PGOP3Optional Special Course 3KEF2021-ZS
PGOP3Optional Special Course 3KEF2021-LS
PGOP3Optional special course 3SLO2021-LS
PGOS1Special Seminar 1OPT2021-ZS
PGOS1Special seminar 1SLO2021-ZS
PGOS1Special Seminar 1KEF2021-ZS
PGOS1Special Seminar 1KEF2021-LS
PGOS1Special Seminar 1KBF2021-LS
PGOS1Special Seminar 1OPT2021-LS
PGOS1Special seminar 1SLO2021-LS
PGOS2Special Seminar 2OPT2021-ZS
PGOS2Special seminar 2SLO2021-ZS
PGOS2Special Seminar 2KEF2021-ZS
PGOS2Special Seminar 2KEF2021-LS
PGOS2Special Seminar 2KBF2021-LS
PGOS2Special Seminar 2OPT2021-LS
PGOS2Special seminar 2SLO2021-LS
PGOS3Special Seminar 3KBF2021-LS
PGOS4Special Seminar 4KBF2021-LS
PGOTOptical Tomographic and Imaging MethodsOPT2021-ZS
PGOTOptical Tomographic and Imaging MethodsOPT2021-LS
PGO1Reviewer of Bc. or Mgr. Thesis 1KBF2021-LS
PGO2Reviewer of Bc. or Mgr. Thesis 2KBF2021-LS
PGPA1Popularization Activity at UP 1KBF2021-ZS
PGPA1Popularization Activity at UP 1KBF2021-LS
PGPA2Popularization Activity at UP 2KBF2021-ZS
PGPA2Popularization Activity at UP 2KBF2021-LS
PGPA3Popularization Activity at UP 3KBF2021-ZS
PGPA3Popularization Activity at UP 3KBF2021-LS
PGPCBProject Activity 2OPT2021-ZS
PGPCBProject Activity 2OPT2021-LS
PGPCTeaching ActivityOPT2021-ZS
PGPCTeaching ActivityOPT2021-LS
PGPC1Project Activity 1OPT2021-ZS
PGPC1Teaching activity 1SLO2021-ZS
PGPC1Teaching Activity 1KEF2021-ZS
PGPC1Teaching Activity 1KEF2021-LS
PGPC1Project Activity 1OPT2021-LS
PGPC1Teaching activity 1SLO2021-LS
PGPC2Teaching at the PUOPT2021-ZS
PGPC2Teaching activity 2SLO2021-ZS
PGPC2Teaching Activity 2KEF2021-ZS
PGPC2Teaching Activity 2KEF2021-LS
PGPC2Teaching at the PUOPT2021-LS
PGPC2Teaching activity 2SLO2021-LS
PGPC3Teaching at the PUOPT2021-ZS
PGPC3Teaching activity 3SLO2021-ZS
PGPC3Teaching Activity 3KEF2021-ZS
PGPC3Teaching Activity 3KEF2021-LS
PGPC3Teaching at the PUOPT2021-LS
PGPC3Teaching activity 3SLO2021-LS
PGPEDMethods of Physical ChemistryKEF2021-ZS
PGPEDMethods of Physical ChemistryKEF2021-LS
PGPKPresentation at the conferenceOPT2021-ZS
PGPKConference presentationSLO2021-ZS
PGPKConference PresentationKEF2021-ZS
PGPKConference PresentationKEF2021-LS
PGPKPresentation at the conferenceOPT2021-LS
PGPKConference presentationSLO2021-LS
PGPKUOral Conference Presentation in EnglishKEF2021-ZS
PGPKUOral Conference Presentation in EnglishKEF2021-LS
PGPK1Conference Presentation 1KBF2021-ZS
PGPK1Conference Presentation 1KBF2021-LS
PGPK2Conference Presentation 2KBF2021-ZS
PGPK2Conference Presentation 2KBF2021-LS
PGPLTheory of Solid State PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
PGPLTheory of Solid State PhysicsOPT2021-LS
PGPOSPoster Conference Presentation in Engl.KEF2021-ZS
PGPOSPoster Conference Presentation in Engl.KEF2021-LS
PGPPAThe popularization activities at the UPOPT2021-ZS
PGPPAPopularising activity at UPSLO2021-ZS
PGPPAThe popularization activities at the UPKEF2021-ZS
PGPPAThe popularization activities at the UPKEF2021-LS
PGPPAThe popularization activities at the UPOPT2021-LS
PGPPAPopularising activity at UPSLO2021-LS
PGPPTheory of Initial Science Teacher Train.KEF2021-ZS
PGPPTheory of Initial Science Teacher Train.KEF2021-LS
PGPROParticipation in projectSLO2021-ZS
PGPROProject activitiesKEF2021-ZS
PGPROProject activitiesKEF2021-LS
PGPROParticipation in projectSLO2021-LS
PGRCPrinc. author. - peer-reviewed journal 1SLO2021-ZS
PGRCThe main author in peer-reviewed journalKEF2021-ZS
PGRCThe main author in peer-reviewed journalKEF2021-LS
PGRCPrinc. author. - peer-reviewed journal 1SLO2021-LS
PGRCSCo-authorship of a publ. in peer-rev. j.KEF2021-ZS
PGRCSCo-authorship of a publ. in peer-rev. j.KEF2021-LS
PGRC2Princ. author. - peer-reviewed journal 2SLO2021-ZS
PGRC2The main author in peer-rev. journal 2KEF2021-ZS
PGRC2The main author in peer-rev. journal 2KEF2021-LS
PGRC2Princ. author. - peer-reviewed journal 2SLO2021-LS
PGREComputer Proceedings ExperimentKEF2021-ZS
PGREComputer Proceedings ExperimentKEF2021-LS
PGRDoctoral thesis - Literature reviewSLO2021-ZS
PGRDoctoral Thesis - Literature ReviewKEF2021-ZS
PGRDoctoral Thesis - Literature ReviewKEF2021-LS
PGRDoctoral Thesis - Literature ReviewKBF2021-LS
PGRDoctoral thesis - Literature reviewSLO2021-LS
PGRSRaman Spectroscopy and Raman Opt. Activ.OPT2021-ZS
PGRSCo-authorship of a publ. in peer-rev. j.KEF2021-ZS
PGRSCo-authorship of a publ. in peer-rev. j.KEF2021-LS
PGRSRaman Spectroscopy and Raman Opt. Activ.OPT2021-LS
PGSAEInstrument Physics and App. ElectronicsKEF2021-ZS
PGSAEInstrument Physics and App. ElectronicsKEF2021-LS
PGSAFAstroparticle PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
PGSAFAstroparticle PhysicsSLO2021-LS
PGSAMApplied MetrologySLO2021-ZS
PGSAMApplied MetrologySLO2021-LS
PGSANApplied NanotechnologyKEF2021-ZS
PGSANApplied NanotechnologyKEF2021-LS
PGSAODigital Image Prosessing ApplicationKEF2021-ZS
PGSAODigital Image Prosessing ApplicationKEF2021-LS
PGSAPApplied Nonl. Optics and Laser DynamicsSLO2021-ZS
PGSAPApplied Nonl. Optics and Laser DynamicsSLO2021-LS
PGSBHVoice BiomechanicsKBF2021-ZS
PGSBHVoice BiomechanicsKEF2021-ZS
PGSBHVoice BiomechanicsKEF2021-LS
PGSBHVoice BiomechanicsKBF2021-LS
PGSBMMolecular Biology of MutagensKBF2021-ZS
PGSBMMolecular Biology of MutagensKBF2021-LS
PGSBVBinocular Vision and Vergence Dysfunct.OPT2021-ZS
PGSBVBinocular Vision and Vergence Dysfunct.OPT2021-LS
PGSCAManag. of Bachelor and Master Theses IOPT2021-ZS
PGSCAManag. of Bachelor and Master Theses IOPT2021-LS
PGSCBManag. of Bachelor and Master Theses IIOPT2021-ZS
PGSCBManag. of Bachelor and Master Theses IIOPT2021-LS
PGSCCManag. of Bachelor and Master Theses IIIOPT2021-ZS
PGSCCManag. of Bachelor and Master Theses IIIOPT2021-LS
PGSCDManag. of Bachelor and Master Theses IVOPT2021-ZS
PGSCDManag. of Bachelor and Master Theses IVOPT2021-LS
PGSCEReview of closing works IOPT2021-ZS
PGSCEReview of closing works IOPT2021-LS
PGSCFReview of closing works IIOPT2021-ZS
PGSCFParticle Physics - Selected TopicsSLO2021-ZS
PGSCFReview of closing works IIOPT2021-LS
PGSCFParticle Physics - Selected TopicsSLO2021-LS
PGSCGReview of closing works IIIOPT2021-ZS
PGSCGReview of closing works IIIOPT2021-LS
PGSCIReview of closing works IVOPT2021-ZS
PGSCIReview of closing works IVOPT2021-LS
PGSCJThe seminary at the UP departments IOPT2021-ZS
PGSCJThe seminary at the UP departments IOPT2021-LS
PGSCKThe seminary at the UP departments IIOPT2021-ZS
PGSCKThe seminary at the UP departments IIOPT2021-LS
PGSCLThe seminary at the UP departments IIIOPT2021-ZS
PGSCLThe seminary at the UP departments IIIOPT2021-LS
PGSCMThe seminary at the UP departments IVOPT2021-ZS
PGSCMThe seminary at the UP departments IVOPT2021-LS
PGSCNThe populariz. activities at the UP IOPT2021-ZS
PGSCNThe populariz. activities at the UP IOPT2021-LS
PGSCOThe populariz. activities at the UP IIOPT2021-ZS
PGSCOThe populariz. activities at the UP IIOPT2021-LS
PGSCPThe populariz. activities at the UP IIIOPT2021-ZS
PGSCPThe populariz. activities at the UP IIIOPT2021-LS
PGSCRThe populariz. activities at the UP IVOPT2021-ZS
PGSCRThe populariz. activities at the UP IVOPT2021-LS
PGSCZThe Methods and Systems of Num. Process.KEF2021-ZS
PGSCZThe Methods and Systems of Num. Process.KEF2021-LS
PGSC1Management of Bachelor and Master ThesesKBF2021-ZS
PGSC1Management of Bachelor and Master ThesesKEF2021-ZS
PGSC1Management of Bachelor and Master ThesesKEF2021-LS
PGSC1Management of Bachelor and Master ThesesKBF2021-LS
PGSC2Review of closing worksKBF2021-ZS
PGSC2Review of closing worksKEF2021-ZS
PGSC2Review of closing worksKEF2021-LS
PGSC2Review of closing worksKBF2021-LS
PGSC3The seminary at the UP departmentsKBF2021-ZS
PGSC3The seminary at the UP departmentsKEF2021-ZS
PGSC3The seminary at the UP departmentsKEF2021-LS
PGSC3The seminary at the UP departmentsKBF2021-LS
PGSC4The popularization activities at the UPKBF2021-ZS
PGSC4The popularization activities at the UPKEF2021-ZS
PGSC4The popularization activities at the UPKEF2021-LS
PGSC4The popularization activities at the UPKBF2021-LS
PGSC5Internationalization of Research Work 1KEF2021-LS
PGSC6Internationalization of Research Work 2KEF2021-ZS
PGSDALaser Doppler's anemometrySLO2021-ZS
PGSDALaser Doppler's anemometrySLO2021-LS
PGSDPLow-temperature Plasma DiagnosticsSLO2021-ZS
PGSDPLow-temperature Plasma DiagnosticsSLO2021-LS
PGSDSDetection of LightOPT2021-ZS
PGSDSDetection of LightSLO2021-ZS
PGSDSDetection of LightOPT2021-LS
PGSDSDetection of LightSLO2021-LS
PGSEBExperimental Methods od BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
PGSEBExperimental Methods od BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
PGSEFExperimental Methods of PhotosynthesisKBF2021-ZS
PGSEFExperimental Methods of PhotosynthesisKBF2021-LS
PGSEKExperimental CosmologySLO2021-ZS
PGSEKExperimental CosmologySLO2021-LS
PGSEMTheory and Practice of Electron Microsc.KEF2021-ZS
PGSEMTheory and Practice of Electron Microsc.KEF2021-LS
PGSEPTheory of Electromagnetic FieldOPT2021-ZS
PGSEPTheory of Electromagnetic FieldOPT2021-LS
PGSEXTheory of Measurement and ExperimentSLO2021-ZS
PGSEXTheory of Measurement and ExperimentSLO2021-LS
PGSFAMethods of Physical ChemistryKEF2021-ZS
PGSFAMethods of Physical ChemistryKEF2021-LS
PGSFETheor.Problems of Experiments in PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
PGSFETheor.Problems of Experiments in PhysicsKEF2021-LS
PGSFFQuestions in Philosophy of PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
PGSFFQuestions in Philosophy of PhysicsOPT2021-LS
PGSFMFluorescence Methods in PhotosynthesisKBF2021-ZS
PGSFMFluorescence Methods in PhotosynthesisKBF2021-LS
PGSFOFourier Optics and HolographyOPT2021-ZS
PGSFOFourier Optics and HolographyOPT2021-LS
PGSFSelected Pieces of Knowledge of PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
PGSFSelected Pieces of Knowledge of PhysicsKEF2021-LS
PGSFVPhysics and its ApplicationsKEF2021-ZS
PGSFVPhysics and its ApplicationsKEF2021-LS
PGSFYPhysiological OpticsOPT2021-ZS
PGSFYPhysiological OpticsOPT2021-LS
PGSHIHolography and Holograph. InterferometrySLO2021-ZS
PGSHIHolography and Holograph. InterferometrySLO2021-LS
PGSHRVoice, Speech and Hearing SciencesKEF2021-ZS
PGSHRVoice, Speech and Hearing SciencesKEF2021-LS
PGSCHThin Film CharacterizationSLO2021-ZS
PGSCHThin Film CharacterizationSLO2021-LS
PGSITICT Application in Physics TeachingKEF2021-ZS
PGSITICT Application in Physics TeachingKEF2021-LS
PGSIZInteraction of Radiation with MatterOPT2021-ZS
PGSIZInteraction of Radiation with MatterOPT2021-LS
PGSJAPrinciples of Nuclear and Particle Phys.KEF2021-ZS
PGSJAPrinciples of Nuclear and Particle Phys.KEF2021-LS
PGSKAQuantum Aspects of the MeasurementOPT2021-ZS
PGSKAQuantum Aspects of the MeasurementOPT2021-LS
PGSKCQuantum ChromodynamicsSLO2021-ZS
PGSKCQuantum ChromodynamicsSLO2021-LS
PGSKEQuantum ElectrodynamicsOPT2021-ZS
PGSKEQuantum ElectrodynamicsOPT2021-LS
PGSKFQuantum and Statistical PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
PGSKFQuantum and Statistical PhysicsOPT2021-LS
PGSKKQuantum Communication & Inf. ProcessingOPT2021-ZS
PGSKKQuantum Communication & Inf. ProcessingOPT2021-LS
PGSKOCrystals in OptoelectronicsOPT2021-ZS
PGSKOCrystals in OptoelectronicsOPT2021-LS
PGSKPQuantum Field TheoryOPT2021-ZS
PGSKPQuantum Field TheorySLO2021-ZS
PGSKPQuantum Field TheoryOPT2021-LS
PGSKPQuantum Field TheorySLO2021-LS
PGSKZCosmic Rays - Selected TopicsSLO2021-ZS
PGSKZCosmic Rays - Selected TopicsSLO2021-LS
PGSLZLaser Processing of MaterialsSLO2021-ZS
PGSLZLaser Processing of MaterialsSLO2021-LS
PGSMAMagnetic Measurements of NanomaterialsKEF2021-ZS
PGSMAMagnetic Measurements of NanomaterialsKEF2021-LS
PGSMBMolecular BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
PGSMBMolecular BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
PGSMDMethodology of Didactics of PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
PGSMDMethodology of Didactics of PhysicsKEF2021-LS
PGSMIThe Modern Microscopic MethodsKEF2021-ZS
PGSMIThe Modern Microscopic MethodsKEF2021-LS
PGSMMThe Modern Microscopic MethodsKEF2021-ZS
PGSMMThe Modern Microscopic MethodsKEF2021-LS
PGSMNMagnetic Measurements of NanomaterialsKEF2021-ZS
PGSMNMagnetic Measurements of NanomaterialsKEF2021-LS
PGSMOOptical Measurements on EyeOPT2021-ZS
PGSMOMaterials for OpticsSLO2021-ZS
PGSMOModels and Simulations in Phys. TeachingKEF2021-ZS
PGSMÖMössbauer SpectroscopyKEF2021-ZS
PGSMOModels and Simulations in Phys. TeachingKEF2021-LS
PGSMÖMössbauer SpectroscopyKEF2021-LS
PGSMOOptical Measurements on EyeOPT2021-LS
PGSMOMaterials for OpticsSLO2021-LS
PGSMModelling and Simulation in PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
PGSMModelling and Simulation in PhysicsKEF2021-LS
PGSMPModelling of Photosynthetic ProcessesKBF2021-ZS
PGSMPMethods of controlled sorptionKEF2021-ZS
PGSMPMethods of controlled sorptionKEF2021-LS
PGSMPModelling of Photosynthetic ProcessesKBF2021-LS
PGSMSModern Optical SystemsSLO2021-ZS
PGSMSModelling and Simulation in PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
PGSMSModelling and Simulation in PhysicsKEF2021-LS
PGSMSModern Optical SystemsSLO2021-LS
PGSNANanotechnology - Physical BaseKEF2021-ZS
PGSNANanotechnology - Physical BaseKEF2021-LS
PGSNKStructure, Prop., and Funct. of Nucl.Ac.KBF2021-ZS
PGSNKStructure, Prop., and Funct. of Nucl.Ac.KBF2021-LS
PGSNONonlinear OpticsOPT2021-ZS
PGSNONonlinear OpticsOPT2021-LS
PGSOBDigital Image Signal ProcessingKEF2021-ZS
PGSOBDigital Image Signal ProcessingKEF2021-LS
PGSOQuantum and Statistical OpticsOPT2021-ZS
PGSOQuantum and Statistical OpticsOPT2021-LS
PGSOSDigital Image Signal ProcessingKEF2021-ZS
PGSOSDigital Image Signal ProcessingKEF2021-LS
PGSOTOptics of Thin FilmsOPT2021-ZS
PGSOTOptics of Thin FilmsSLO2021-ZS
PGSOTOptics of Thin FilmsOPT2021-LS
PGSOTOptics of Thin FilmsSLO2021-LS
PGSPATheory of Solid State PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
PGSPATheory of Solid State PhysicsOPT2021-LS
PGSPCComputers in Measuring SystemsKEF2021-ZS
PGSPCComputers in Measuring SystemsKEF2021-LS
PGSPEMethods of Physical ChemistryKEF2021-ZS
PGSPEMethods of Physical ChemistryKEF2021-LS
PGSPFInstrumental PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
PGSPFInstrumental PhysicsKEF2021-LS
PGSPIPiezoelectric elements and systemsKEF2021-ZS
PGSPIPiezoelectric elements and systemsKEF2021-LS
PGSPLTheory of Solid State PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
PGSPLTheory of Solid State PhysicsOPT2021-LS
PGSPOFront Segment of EyeOPT2021-ZS
PGSPOFront Segment of EyeOPT2021-LS
PGSPPTheory of Initial Science Teacher Train.KEF2021-ZS
PGSPPTheory of Initial Science Teacher Train.KEF2021-LS
PGSPSTheory and Pract. of Res. Methods in Ps.KEF2021-ZS
PGSPSProbability and statisticsSLO2021-ZS
PGSPSTheory and Pract. of Res. Methods in Ps.KEF2021-LS
PGSPSProbability and statisticsSLO2021-LS
PGSQOQuantum OpticsSLO2021-ZS
PGSQOQuantum OpticsSLO2021-LS
PGSREComputer Proceedings ExperimentKEF2021-ZS
PGSREComputer Proceedings ExperimentKEF2021-LS
PGSRKRelativistic Quantum MechanicsSLO2021-ZS
PGSRKRelativistic Quantum MechanicsSLO2021-LS
PGSRMElectron and Raster Probe MicroscopyKEF2021-ZS
PGSRMEquations of mathematical physicsSLO2021-ZS
PGSRMElectron and Raster Probe MicroscopyKEF2021-LS
PGSRMEquations of mathematical physicsSLO2021-LS
PGSRPlant StressesKBF2021-ZS
PGSRPlant StressesKBF2021-LS
PGSSFSelected Pieces of Knowledge of PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
PGSSFSpecial functionsSLO2021-ZS
PGSSFSelected Pieces of Knowledge of PhysicsKEF2021-LS
PGSSFSpecial functionsSLO2021-LS
PGSSMModelling and Simulation in PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
PGSSMModelling and Simulation in PhysicsKEF2021-LS
PGSSOScanning Probe Microscopy and its Appl.KEF2021-ZS
PGSSOQuantum and Statistical OpticsOPT2021-ZS
PGSSOScanning Probe Microscopy and its Appl.KEF2021-LS
PGSSOQuantum and Statistical OpticsOPT2021-LS
PGSSPStochastic processesSLO2021-ZS
PGSSPStochastic processesSLO2021-LS
PGSSRPlant StressesKBF2021-ZS
PGSSRPlant StressesKBF2021-LS
PGSTOShape OptimizationKEF2021-ZS
PGSTOShape OptimizationKEF2021-LS
PGST1Signal and Information Theory IKEF2021-ZS
PGST1Foreign Reserach Stay 1KBF2021-ZS
PGST1Foreign Research Stay 1OPT2021-ZS
PGST1Research stay 1SLO2021-ZS
PGST1Signal and Information Theory IKEF2021-LS
PGST1Foreign Reserach Stay 1KBF2021-LS
PGST1Foreign Research Stay 1OPT2021-LS
PGST1Research stay 1SLO2021-LS
PGST2Signal and Information Theory IIKEF2021-ZS
PGST2Foreign Reserach Stay 2KBF2021-ZS
PGST2Foreign Research Stay 2OPT2021-ZS
PGST2Research stay 2SLO2021-ZS
PGST2Signal and Information Theory IIKEF2021-LS
PGST2Foreign Reserach Stay 2KBF2021-LS
PGST2Foreign Research Stay 2OPT2021-LS
PGST2Research stay 2SLO2021-LS
PGST3Foreign Research Stay 3OPT2021-ZS
PGST3Foreign Research Stay 3OPT2021-LS
PGSUFTheory & Practice in the Design of Text.KEF2021-ZS
PGSUFTheory & Practice in the Design of Text.KEF2021-LS
PGSVFNew Concepts of Physics TeachingKEF2021-ZS
PGSVFNew Concepts of Physics TeachingKEF2021-LS
PGSVIVirtual InstrumentationKEF2021-ZS
PGSVIVirtual InstrumentationKEF2021-LS
PGSVOWave and Photon OpticsOPT2021-ZS
PGSVOWave OpticsSLO2021-ZS
PGSVOWave and Photon OpticsOPT2021-LS
PGSVOWave OpticsSLO2021-LS
PGSVPFundamentals of a Scientific WorkOPT2021-ZS
PGSVPVariation methodsSLO2021-ZS
PGSVPFundamentals of a Scientific WorkOPT2021-LS
PGSVPVariation methodsSLO2021-LS
PGSVRFree radicals in biology and biomedicineKBF2021-ZS
PGSVRFree radicals in biology and biomedicineKBF2021-LS
PGSZNNanotechnology - Physical BaseKEF2021-ZS
PGSZNNanotechnology - Physical BaseKEF2021-LS
PGSZRSpeckle and its ApplicationSLO2021-ZS
PGSZRSpeckle and its ApplicationSLO2021-LS
PGSZZFinal State ExaminationKEF2021-ZS
PGSZZFinal State ExaminationKBF2021-ZS
PGSZZFinal State ExaminationSLO2021-ZS
PGSZZFinal State ExaminationKEF2021-LS
PGSZZFinal State ExaminationKBF2021-LS
PGSZZFinal State ExaminationSLO2021-LS
PGSZ1Stay at Potentional Employer 1KBF2021-ZS
PGSZ1Final State ExaminationOPT2021-ZS
PGSZ1Research stay at prospective employer 1SLO2021-ZS
PGSZ1Stay at Potentional Employer 1KBF2021-LS
PGSZ1Final State ExaminationOPT2021-LS
PGSZ1Research stay at prospective employer 1SLO2021-LS
PGSZ2Stay at Potentional Employer 2KBF2021-ZS
PGSZ2Research stay at prospective employer 2SLO2021-ZS
PGSZ2Stay at Potentional Employer 2KBF2021-LS
PGSZ2Research stay at prospective employer 2SLO2021-LS
PGS1Stay at a Prospective Employer 1OPT2021-ZS
PGS1Stay at a Prospective Employer 1OPT2021-LS
PGS1TStay at Potentional Employer 1KEF2021-ZS
PGS1TStay at Potentional Employer 1KEF2021-LS
PGS2APubl. publications within the int. coll.SLO2021-ZS
PGS2APubl. publications within the int. coll.SLO2021-LS
PGS2CThe qualification thesis of int. collab.SLO2021-ZS
PGS2CThe qualification thesis of int. collab.SLO2021-LS
PGS2IThe main author of publication with IFKEF2021-ZS
PGS2IThe main author of publication with IFKBF2021-ZS
PGS2IThe main author of publication with IFOPT2021-ZS
PGS2IThe main author of publication with IFKEF2021-LS
PGS2IThe main author of publication with IFKBF2021-LS
PGS2IThe main author of publication with IFOPT2021-LS
PGS2NInternal publicat. within the int. coll.SLO2021-ZS
PGS2NInternal publicat. within the int. coll.SLO2021-LS
PGS2Stay at a Prospective Employer 2OPT2021-ZS
PGS2Stay at a Prospective Employer 2OPT2021-LS
PGS2POther popular science publicationsKEF2021-ZS
PGS2POther popular science publicationsKBF2021-ZS
PGS2POther popular science publicationsOPT2021-ZS
PGS2POther popular science publicationsKEF2021-LS
PGS2POther popular science publicationsKBF2021-LS
PGS2POther popular science publicationsOPT2021-LS
PGS2RThe main author in peer-reviewed journalKEF2021-ZS
PGS2RThe main author in peer-reviewed journalKBF2021-ZS
PGS2RThe main author in peer-reviewed journalOPT2021-ZS
PGS2RThe main author in peer-reviewed journalKEF2021-LS
PGS2RThe main author in peer-reviewed journalKBF2021-LS
PGS2RThe main author in peer-reviewed journalOPT2021-LS
PGS2SCo-authored publ. in journal with IFKEF2021-ZS
PGS2SCo-authored publ. in journal with IFKBF2021-ZS
PGS2SCo-authored publ. in journal with IFOPT2021-ZS
PGS2SCo-authored publ. in journal with IFKEF2021-LS
PGS2SCo-authored publ. in journal with IFKBF2021-LS
PGS2SCo-authored publ. in journal with IFOPT2021-LS
PGS2TStay at Potentional Employer 2KEF2021-ZS
PGS2TStay at Potentional Employer 2KEF2021-LS
PGS3AAdvanced analysis within the experimentSLO2021-ZS
PGS3AAdvanced analysis within the experimentSLO2021-LS
PGS3COral presentation at an int. conferenceSLO2021-ZS
PGS3COral presentation at an int. conferenceSLO2021-LS
PGS3KPresentation at the conference (poster)KEF2021-ZS
PGS3KPresentation at the conference (poster)KBF2021-ZS
PGS3KPresentation at the conference (poster)OPT2021-ZS
PGS3KPresentation at the conference (poster)KEF2021-LS
PGS3KPresentation at the conference (poster)KBF2021-LS
PGS3KPresentation at the conference (poster)OPT2021-LS
PGS3PProject activitiesKEF2021-ZS
PGS3PProject activitiesKEF2021-LS
PGS3PProject activitiesKBF2021-LS
PGS3PProject activitiesOPT2021-LS
PGS3STeaching at the primary and sec. schoolKEF2021-ZS
PGS3STeaching at the primary and sec. schoolKEF2021-LS
PGS3TThe thesis of the dissertationKEF2021-ZS
PGS3TThe thesis of the dissertationKBF2021-ZS
PGS3TThe thesis of the dissertationOPT2021-ZS
PGS3TThe thesis of the dissertationKEF2021-LS
PGS3TThe thesis of the dissertationKBF2021-LS
PGS3TThe thesis of the dissertationOPT2021-LS
PGS3UOral presentation at the Int. ConferenceKEF2021-ZS
PGS3UOral presentation at the Int. ConferenceKBF2021-ZS
PGS3UOral presentation at the Int. ConferenceOPT2021-ZS
PGS3UOral presentation at the Int. ConferenceKEF2021-LS
PGS3UOral presentation at the Int. ConferenceKBF2021-LS
PGS3UOral presentation at the Int. ConferenceOPT2021-LS
PGS3VTeaching at the PUKEF2021-ZS
PGS3VTeaching at the PUKBF2021-ZS
PGS3VTeaching at the PUOPT2021-ZS
PGS3VTeaching at the PUKEF2021-LS
PGS3VTeaching at the PUKBF2021-LS
PGS3VTeaching at the PUOPT2021-LS
PGS3ZProgrammed oral present. at an int. con.SLO2021-ZS
PGS3ZProgrammed oral present. at an int. con.SLO2021-LS
PGS5FDiffraction and Fluorescence MethodsKEF2021-ZS
PGS5FDiffraction and Fluorescence MethodsKEF2021-LS
PGS5GSorption and Desorption of GasesKEF2021-ZS
PGS5GSorption and Desorption of GasesKEF2021-LS
PGS5JNuclear and nuclear-resonance methodsKEF2021-ZS
PGS5JNuclear and nuclear-resonance methodsKEF2021-LS
PGS5KCondensed-matter physicsSLO2021-ZS
PGS5KCondensed-matter physicsSLO2021-LS
PGS5MAdvanced Microscopic MethodsKEF2021-ZS
PGS5MAdvanced Microscopic MethodsKEF2021-LS
PGS5NLow-temperature plasmaSLO2021-ZS
PGS5NLow-temperature plasmaSLO2021-LS
PGS5OOptical properties of materialsSLO2021-ZS
PGS5OOptical properties of materialsSLO2021-LS
PGS5PPhysics of SurfacesKEF2021-ZS
PGS5PPhysics of SurfacesKEF2021-LS
PGS5SSignal and Information TheoryKEF2021-ZS
PGS5SSignal and Information TheoryKEF2021-LS
PGS5TThin layers and surfacesSLO2021-ZS
PGS5TThin layers and surfacesSLO2021-LS
PGS5VVirtual InstrumentationKEF2021-ZS
PGS5VVirtual InstrumentationKEF2021-LS
PGS5ZPhysics Methods of Nanomaterial StudyKEF2021-ZS
PGS5ZPhysics Methods of Nanomaterial StudyKEF2021-LS
PGS6KClassical opticsSLO2021-ZS
PGS6KClassical opticsSLO2021-LS
PGS6LLasers and their applicationsSLO2021-ZS
PGS6LLasers and their applicationsSLO2021-LS
PGS6MOptical methodsSLO2021-ZS
PGS6MOptical methodsSLO2021-LS
PGS6OModelling and Processing of Image SignalKEF2021-ZS
PGS6OModelling and Processing of Image SignalKEF2021-LS
PGS6ZOptical imaging systemsSLO2021-ZS
PGS6ZOptical imaging systemsSLO2021-LS
PGS7DDetection of lightSLO2021-ZS
PGS7DDetection of lightSLO2021-LS
PGS7IQuantum information and communicationsSLO2021-ZS
PGS7IQuantum information and communicationsSLO2021-LS
PGS7NNonlinear opticsSLO2021-ZS
PGS7NNonlinear opticsSLO2021-LS
PGS7QQuantum opticsSLO2021-ZS
PGS7QQuantum opticsSLO2021-LS
PGS8AAstroparticle physics and cosmologySLO2021-ZS
PGS8AAstroparticle physics and cosmologySLO2021-LS
PGS8DDiffraction in particle physicsSLO2021-ZS
PGS8DDiffraction in particle physicsSLO2021-LS
PGS8RRelativistic quantum theorySLO2021-ZS
PGS8RRelativistic quantum theorySLO2021-LS
PGS8SStandard modelSLO2021-ZS
PGS8SStandard modelSLO2021-LS
PGS9MMagnetism ans NanomagnetismKEF2021-ZS
PGS9MMagnetism ans NanomagnetismKEF2021-LS
PGS9ONonlinear Material OpticsSLO2021-ZS
PGS9ONonlinear Material OpticsSLO2021-LS
PGTThe thesis of the dissertationKEF2021-ZS
PGTDoctoral Thesis SummaryKBF2021-ZS
PGTDissertation Thesis SummaryOPT2021-ZS
PGTDoctoral thesis summarySLO2021-ZS
PGTThe thesis of the dissertationKEF2021-LS
PGTDoctoral Thesis SummaryKBF2021-LS
PGTDissertation Thesis SummaryOPT2021-LS
PGTDoctoral thesis summarySLO2021-LS
PGTPTrends in Initial Sc. Teacher TrainingKEF2021-ZS
PGTPTrends in Initial Sc. Teacher TrainingKEF2021-LS
PGVFNew Concepts of Physics TeachingKEF2021-ZS
PGVFNew Concepts of Physics TeachingKEF2021-LS
PGVOWave and Photon OpticsOPT2021-ZS
PGVOWave and Photon OpticsOPT2021-LS
PGVPManagement of Bachelor and Master ThesesKEF2021-ZS
PGVPFundamentals of a Scientific WorkOPT2021-ZS
PGVPManagement of Bachelor and Master ThesesKEF2021-LS
PGVPFundamentals of a Scientific WorkOPT2021-LS
PGVPRSupervision of Bachelor or Dipl. ThesesOPT2021-ZS
PGVPRSupervision of Bachelor or Dipl. ThesesOPT2021-LS
PGVP1Supervisor of Bc. or Mgr. Thesis 1KBF2021-LS
PGVP2Supervisor of Bc. or Mgr. Thesis 2KBF2021-LS
PGVRFree radicals in biology and biomedicineKBF2021-ZS
PGVRFree radicals in biology and biomedicineKBF2021-LS
PGVS1Research Stay 1KEF2021-ZS
PGVS1Research Stay 1KEF2021-LS
PGVS2Research Stay 2KEF2021-ZS
PGVS2Research Stay 2KEF2021-LS
PGV1Teaching Activity at the PU 1KBF2021-ZS
PGV1Teaching Activity at the PU 1KBF2021-LS
PGV2Teaching Activity at the PU 2KBF2021-ZS
PGV2Teaching Activity at the PU 2KBF2021-LS
PJDHands free experimentsKEF2021-LS
PLNOPract. in Lasers, Nonlin., &Fiber OpticsOPT2021-ZS
PLSPulse Laser SystemsSLO2021-LS
PMF1Proseminar in Mathemat. for Physicists 1SLO2021-ZS
PMF2Proseminar in Mathemat. for Physicists 2SLO2021-LS
PMISPPracticum - Microscopy and SpectroscopyKBF2021-LS
PMNSeminar in Mathematics for PhysicistsKEF2021-ZS
PMN1Seminar in Mathematics for Physicists 1KEF2021-ZS
PMN2Seminar in Mathematics for Physicists 2KEF2021-LS
PMUSeminar in Mathematics for PhysicistsKEF2021-ZS
PMUSeminar in Mathematics for PhysicistsKEF2021-LS
PMVEComputer Methods in High-Energy PhysicsSLO2021-LS
PMVEXComputer Methods in High-Energy PhysicsSLO2021-LS
PNVNight Vision SystemsOPT2021-ZS
PNVNight Vision SystemsOPT2021-LS
POS3Advanced Special Seminary 3KBF2021-ZS
PPAFProgramming for applied physicsKEF2021-LS
PPAFXProgramming for applied physicsKEF2021-LS
PPEMFAdv. Practicum from Exp. Meth. of PlantKBF2021-ZS
PPEProgramming for ExperimentsKEF2021-LS
PPO1Practicals in School Experiments 1KEF2021-ZS
PPO1XPracticals in School Experiments 1KEF2021-ZS
PPO1XAdvanced topics in classical optics 1SLO2021-ZS
PPO2Practicals in School Experiments 2KEF2021-LS
PPO2XAdvanced topics in classical optics 2SLO2021-ZS
PPO2XPracticals in School Experiments 2KEF2021-LS
PPPRTeaching Practise - Supplementary StudyKEF2021-ZS
PPPRTeaching Practise - Supplementary StudyKEF2021-LS
PPVComputer Aided ManufacturingOPT2021-LS
PRBIOBiophysics ProseminarKBF2021-ZS
PRFA1Instrumental Physics 1KEF2021-ZS
PRFA2Instrumental Physics 2KEF2021-LS
PRFN1Instrument. Physics for Nanotechnology 1KEF2021-ZS
PRFN2Instrument. Physics for Nanotechnology 2KEF2021-LS
PRKACosmology and AstrophysicsKEF2021-ZS
PRNANNanotechnology PracticeKEF2021-ZS
PROGBComputer ProgrammingOPT2021-ZS
PROG1Computer programming and numer. methodsSLO2021-ZS
PROG2Programming in C Language for PhysicistsSLO2021-LS
PRS1NStudent Teaching of Physics 1KEF2021-LS
PRS2NStudent Teaching of Physics 2KEF2021-ZS
PSEIndustrial sensorsKEF2021-LS
PSMPracticum from Spectroscopic MethodsKBF2021-LS
PVFComputers in Physics TeachingKEF2021-LS
PVOGeometrical and Wave OpticsOPT2021-LS
PXD1Diploma Practice 1OPT2021-ZS
PXD2Diploma Practice 2OPT2021-LS
PXE1Educational practice 1OPT2021-ZS
PXE2Educational practice 2OPT2021-LS
PX1Professional Training 1OPT2021-LS
PX1XProfessional Training 1OPT2021-LS
PX2Professional Training 2OPT2021-ZS
PX2Professional Training 2OPT2021-LS
PX2XProfessional Training 2OPT2021-ZS
PX3Professional Training 3OPT2021-ZS
PX3Professional Training 3OPT2021-LS
PX3XProfessional Training 3OPT2021-LS
PZLMPracticum of basic laboratory methodsKBF2021-LS
P1Practicals in Electricity and MagnetismOPT2021-ZS
QAMQuantum Aspects of MeasurementOPT2021-ZS
QCQuantum CryptographyOPT2021-ZS
QCRQuantum CryptographyOPT2021-ZS
QED2Quantum Electrodynamics 2OPT2021-LS
QE1Quantum Electrodynamics 1OPT2021-ZS
QE2Quantum Electrodynamics 2OPT2021-LS
QOQuantum Optics IOPT2021-ZS
QS1Coherence and Statistical OpticsOPT2021-LS
QS2AQuantum Optics IOPT2021-ZS
REFScattering Experiments in PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
RESPResonance SpectroscopiesKBF2021-ZS
RCHRefraction Surgery and OptometryOPT2021-LS
RKMRelativistic Quantum MechanicsSLO2021-ZS
RMFEquations of Mathematical PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
RMFYEquations of Mathematical PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
RSPResonance SpectroscopiesKBF2021-ZS
RSŠFRepetition of PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
RSTRSTA systemsOPT2021-ZS
ŘFUSolutions of Physical ProblemsKEF2021-ZS
ŘFUXSolutions of Physical ProblemsKEF2021-ZS
SAF1Seminar of Applied physics department 1SLO2021-ZS
SAF2Seminar of Applied physics department 2SLO2021-LS
SAF3Seminar of Applied physics department 3SLO2021-ZS
SAF4Seminar of Applied physics department 4SLO2021-LS
SBF1Seminar in Biophysics 1KBF2021-LS
SBF2Seminar in Biophysics 2KBF2021-ZS
SBIO1Seminar in Biophysics 1KBF2021-LS
SBIO2Seminar in Biophysics 2KBF2021-ZS
SBPBachelor Thesis SeminarKBF2021-ZS
SDKSchool Didactics - CurriculumKEF2021-ZS
SDSchool DidacticsKEF2021-LS
SEMPSeminar on electromagnetic fieldOPT2021-LS
SEPSeminar on electromagnetic fieldOPT2021-LS
SFASeminar on Fourier analysisOPT2021-ZS
SFSeminar on Fourier analysisOPT2021-ZS
SFVEStatistics in High Energy PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
SFVEXStatistics in High Energy PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
SKMSSeminar on quant. mech. for spectroscopyOPT2021-ZS
SKSSeminar on quant. mech. for spectroscopyOPT2021-ZS
SMETSpecial MetrologyKEF2021-LS
SMFStatistical Methods in PhysicsOPT2021-LS
SMOAMolecular Spectroscopy and Opt. activityOPT2021-LS
SMMathematical Seminar for PhysicistKEF2021-ZS
SNPFTeacher Observation Practice - GroupKEF2021-ZS
SNPFTeacher Observation Practice - GroupKEF2021-LS
SOPSpecial optical aidsOPT2021-LS
SOPSSeminar on optical simulationsOPT2021-ZS
SOBeam OpticsOPT2021-ZS
SOSSeminar on optical simulationsOPT2021-ZS
SOTSpecial Optical TechnologyOPT2021-LS
SPKCSpecial Contact LensesOPT2021-LS
SPPRPedagog. Practice - Supplementary StudyKEF2021-ZS
SPPRPedagog. Practice - Supplementary StudyKEF2021-LS
SPP1Student Teaching of Physics 1KEF2021-LS
SPP2Student Teaching of Physics 2KEF2021-ZS
SPVTSchool demonstration experimentsKEF2021-LS
SRZAFApplied PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
SRZAFApplied PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
SRZAFApplied PhysicsKEF2021-LS
SRZAFApplied PhysicsSLO2021-LS
SRZFYTeaching Training in PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
SRZFYTeaching Training in PhysicsKEF2021-LS
SRZMBMolecular BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SRZMBMolecular BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SRZOPOptics and OptoelectronicsOPT2021-ZS
SRZOPOptics and OptoelectronicsOPT2021-LS
SSImage SensorsOPT2021-LS
STBMStructure, Function of BiomacromoleculesKBF2021-LS
STI1XTheory of Signals and Information 1KEF2021-ZS
STI2XTheory of Signals and Information 2KEF2021-LS
SYNNonlinear Dynamics, Chaos & SynergeticsOPT2021-ZS
SZZAFApplied physicsKEF2021-ZS
SZZAFApplied PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
SZZAFApplied physicsKEF2021-LS
SZZAFApplied PhysicsSLO2021-LS
SZZAPComputer Applications in Measur. SystemsKEF2021-ZS
SZZAPComputer Applications in Measur. SystemsKEF2021-LS
SZZAXApplied physicsSLO2021-ZS
SZZAXApplied physicsSLO2021-LS
SZZA1Mechanics and Molecular PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
SZZA1Mechanics and Molecular PhysicsOPT2021-LS
SZZA2Electricity, Magnetism and Atom. PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
SZZA2Electricity, Magnetism and Atom. PhysicsOPT2021-LS
SZZA4Quantum and Statistical PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
SZZA4Quantum and Statistical PhysicsOPT2021-LS
SZZBRPlant BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZBRPlant BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZB2Principles of NanotechnologyKEF2021-ZS
SZZB2Principles of NanotechnologyKEF2021-LS
SZZB3Principles of PhotonicsKEF2021-ZS
SZZB3Principles of PhotonicsKEF2021-LS
SZZB4Instrumental PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
SZZB4Instrumental PhysicsKEF2021-LS
SZZCFExp. Particle Physics and AstrophysicsKEF2021-LS
SZZCXExperimental particle physics and astro.SLO2021-ZS
SZZCXExperimental particle physics and astro.SLO2021-LS
SZZDODidactics of Field of StudyKEF2021-ZS
SZZDODidactics of Field of StudyKEF2021-LS
SZZDPPedagogy and PsychologyKEF2021-ZS
SZZDPPedagogy and PsychologyKEF2021-LS
SZZDDidactics of PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
SZZDDidactics of PhysicsKEF2021-LS
SZZD1Practical TestOPT2021-ZS
SZZD1Practical TestOPT2021-LS
SZZD2Optics and OptometryOPT2021-ZS
SZZD2Optics and OptometryOPT2021-LS
SZZD3Fundamentals of OphthalmologyOPT2021-ZS
SZZD3Fundamentals of OphthalmologyOPT2021-LS
SZZD4Contact LensesOPT2021-ZS
SZZD4Contact LensesOPT2021-LS
SZZEFExperimental PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
SZZEFExperimental PhysicsKEF2021-LS
SZZEMExperimental Methods of BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZEMExperimental Methods of BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZEXExperimental Techniques and MethodsKEF2021-ZS
SZZEXExperimental Techniques and MethodsKEF2021-LS
SZZFEInstrumental Physics and ElectronicsKEF2021-ZS
SZZFEInstrumental Physics and ElectronicsKEF2021-LS
SZZFMApplied photonics and metrologyKEF2021-ZS
SZZFMApplied photonics and metrologyKEF2021-LS
SZZFNInstrumental Physics for NanotechnologyKEF2021-ZS
SZZFNInstrumental Physics for NanotechnologyKEF2021-LS
SZZFXPhotonics and its applicationsSLO2021-ZS
SZZFXPhotonics and its applicationsSLO2021-LS
SZZJSNuculear spectroscopyKEF2021-ZS
SZZJSNuculear spectroscopyKEF2021-LS
SZZJXNuclear spectroscopySLO2021-ZS
SZZJXNuclear spectroscopySLO2021-LS
SZZJ1Rays, wave and electromagnetic opticsOPT2021-ZS
SZZJ1Rays, wave and electromagnetic opticsOPT2021-LS
SZZJ2Visual and thermal imaging systemsOPT2021-ZS
SZZJ2Visual and thermal imaging systemsOPT2021-LS
SZZJ3Optical measuring methods and spectrosc.OPT2021-ZS
SZZJ3Optical measuring methods and spectrosc.OPT2021-LS
SZZJ4Optics and dig. processing of vis. inf.OPT2021-ZS
SZZJ4Optics and dig. processing of vis. inf.OPT2021-LS
SZZKTQuantum Theory of MoleculesKBF2021-LS
SZZK1General PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
SZZK1General PhysicsOPT2021-LS
SZZK2Wave and Ray OpticsOPT2021-ZS
SZZK2Wave and Ray OpticsOPT2021-LS
SZZK3Optical Systems and InstrumentsOPT2021-ZS
SZZK3Optical Systems and InstrumentsOPT2021-LS
SZZK4Optical Measurements and TechnologyOPT2021-ZS
SZZK4Optical Measurements and TechnologyOPT2021-LS
SZZLBMedical BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZLBMedical BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZLMedical BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZLMedical BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZL1Mechanics and Molecular PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
SZZL1Mechanics and Molecular PhysicsOPT2021-LS
SZZL2Mathematics for PhysicistsOPT2021-ZS
SZZL2Mathematics for PhysicistsOPT2021-LS
SZZL3Electricity, Magnetism and OpticsOPT2021-ZS
SZZL3Electricity, Magnetism and OpticsOPT2021-LS
SZZL4Quantum and Statistical PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
SZZL4Quantum and Statistical PhysicsOPT2021-LS
SZZMBMolecular BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZMBMolecular BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZMTMaterials and TechnologiesSLO2021-ZS
SZZMTMaterials and TechnologiesSLO2021-LS
SZZM1Prob., Stat. & Research Meth. in Optom.OPT2021-ZS
SZZM1Prob., Stat. & Research Meth. in Optom.OPT2021-LS
SZZM2Principles of Exp. Methods in BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZM2Binocular Vision and Its TherapyOPT2021-ZS
SZZM2Principles of Exp. Methods in BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZM2Binocular Vision and Its TherapyOPT2021-LS
SZZM3Principles of Molecular BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZM3Modern Acessing - Optical ErrorsOPT2021-ZS
SZZM3Principles of Molecular BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZM3Modern Acessing - Optical ErrorsOPT2021-LS
SZZM4Experiment. Technique in Mol. BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZM4Experiment. Technique in Mol. BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZM5Quantum PhysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZM5Quantum PhysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZM6Experimental Methods in BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZM6Experimental Methods in BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZM7Molecular BiologyKBF2021-ZS
SZZM7Molecular BiologyKBF2021-LS
SZZM8Structural BiologyKBF2021-ZS
SZZM8Structural BiologyKBF2021-LS
SZZN1Modern PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
SZZN1Modern PhysicsOPT2021-LS
SZZN2Methods of Nanostructure's studyKEF2021-ZS
SZZN2Math. Physics, Statistics and Est.TheoryOPT2021-ZS
SZZN2Methods of Nanostructure's studyKEF2021-LS
SZZN2Math. Physics, Statistics and Est.TheoryOPT2021-LS
SZZN3Quantum InformationOPT2021-ZS
SZZN3Quantum InformationOPT2021-LS
SZZOFGeneral PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
SZZOFGeneral PhysicsSLO2021-LS
SZZO1Opt. imag., inf. proc., and opt. meas.OPT2021-ZS
SZZO1Opt. imag., inf. proc., and opt. meas.OPT2021-LS
SZZO2Optoelectronics and optical commun.OPT2021-ZS
SZZO2Optoelectronics and optical commun.OPT2021-LS
SZZO3Quantum and nonlinear opticsOPT2021-ZS
SZZO3Quantum and nonlinear opticsOPT2021-LS
SZZPFInstrumental physicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZPFInstrumental PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
SZZPFInstrumental physicsKBF2021-LS
SZZPFInstrumental PhysicsSLO2021-LS
SZZPPPedagogy and PsychologyKEF2021-ZS
SZZPPPedagogy and PsychologyKEF2021-LS
SZZRPlant BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZRPlant BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZTFTheoretical PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
SZZTFTheoretical PhysicsSLO2021-ZS
SZZTFTheoretical PhysicsKEF2021-LS
SZZTFTheoretical PhysicsSLO2021-LS
SZZTXTheoretical grounds of applied physicsSLO2021-ZS
SZZTXTheoretical grounds of applied physicsSLO2021-LS
SZZUBPedagogical-Psychological BasisKEF2021-ZS
SZZUBPedagogical-Psychological BasisKEF2021-LS
SZZUMPedagogical CompetenceKEF2021-ZS
SZZUMPedagogical CompetenceKEF2021-LS
SZZZFPrinciples of NanophotonicsKEF2021-ZS
SZZZFPrinciples of NanophotonicsKEF2021-LS
SZZZNPrinciples of NanotechnologyKEF2021-ZS
SZZZNPrinciples of NanotechnologyKEF2021-LS
SZZ1DGeneral PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
SZZ1DGeneral PhysicsOPT2021-LS
SZZ1OMechanics, Thermodynamics, Stat. PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
SZZ1OMechanics, Thermodynamics, Stat. PhysicsOPT2021-LS
SZZ2BPrinciples of Exp. Methods in BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZ2BPrinciples of Exp. Methods in BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZ2DWave and Ray OpticsOPT2021-ZS
SZZ2DWave and Ray OpticsOPT2021-LS
SZZ2OQuantum Physics, Atomic Ph., Solid Mat.OPT2021-ZS
SZZ2OQuantum Physics, Atomic Ph., Solid Mat.OPT2021-LS
SZZ3BInstrumental physicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZ3BInstrumental physicsKBF2021-LS
SZZ3DOpt. Systems, Measurements and Technol.OPT2021-ZS
SZZ3DOpt. Systems, Measurements and Technol.OPT2021-LS
SZZ3OElectricity and Magnetism, OpticsOPT2021-ZS
SZZ3OElectricity and Magnetism, OpticsOPT2021-LS
SZZ4BPrinciples of Molecular BiophysicsKBF2021-ZS
SZZ4BPrinciples of Molecular BiophysicsKBF2021-LS
SZZ4DOptical Imaging and SystemsOPT2021-ZS
SZZ4DOptical Imaging and SystemsOPT2021-LS
SZZ5DOptical Measuring Methods and Spectrosc.OPT2021-ZS
SZZ5DOptical Measuring Methods and Spectrosc.OPT2021-LS
SZZ6DDigital Optics and Image ProcessingOPT2021-ZS
SZZ6DDigital Optics and Image ProcessingOPT2021-LS
TEMEXTheory of measurement and experimentKEF2021-ZS
TFTechnical PhotographyOPT2021-ZS
TKFTechniques of Trad. Black and White Ph.OPT2021-ZS
TKTechnical DrawingOPT2021-ZS
TMEX1Theory of Measurements and Experiments 1KEF2021-ZS
TMNFundamentals of MechanicsKEF2021-ZS
TMN1Fundamentals of MechanicsKEF2021-ZS
TMUFundamentals of MechanicsKEF2021-ZS
TMVProduction Technology 1 (Mechanical)OPT2021-LS
TOSTechniques of Optical SpectroscopyOPT2021-LS
TOVProduction Technology 2 (Optical)OPT2021-ZS
TRKTactical Radio CommunicationOPT2021-ZS
TRTheory of RelativityKEF2021-LS
TRUATheory of Relativity and AstronomyKEF2021-LS
TSFNThermodynamics and Statistical PhysicsSLO2021-LS
TSFThermodynamics and Statistical PhysicsOPT2021-ZS
TSFThermodynamics and Statistical PhysicsSLO2021-LS
TSII1Theory of Signals and Information 1KEF2021-ZS
TSII2Theory of Signals and Information 2KEF2021-LS
TSI1ETheory of Signals and Information 1KEF2021-ZS
TSI1Theory of Signals and Information 1KEF2021-ZS
TSI2ETheory of Signals and Information 2KEF2021-LS
TSI2Theory of Signals and Information 2KEF2021-LS
TSSPSymmetry Theory in SpectroscopyKBF2021-LS
TSSSymmetry Theory in SpectroscopyKBF2021-LS
TProduction TechnologyOPT2021-ZS
TVMProduction Technology 1 (Mechanical)OPT2021-LS
TVOProduction Technology 2 (Optical)OPT2021-ZS
TVPOptics of Thin Films in Techn. PractiseSLO2021-ZS
TVOptics of thin filmsSLO2021-ZS
TVYThin FilmsSLO2021-ZS
TZSPTheoretical Principles of SpectroscopiesKBF2021-LS
UAAFIntr. to astronomy and astrophysicsSLO2021-ZS
UAAIntr. to astronomy and astrophysicsSLO2021-ZS
UDPIntroduction to ProgrammingOPT2021-ZS
UFMIntroduction to Physical MeasurementsSLO2021-ZS
UFPLIntroduction to solid state physicsSLO2021-LS
UFYMIntroduction to Physical MeasurementsSLO2021-ZS
UMECIntr. to the Stand. Mod. of Elem. Part.SLO2021-ZS
UMECXIntr. to the Stand. Mod. of Elem. Part.SLO2021-LS
UMEIntroduction to MetrologyKEF2021-ZS
UMT1Introduction into Modern Technologies 1SLO2021-LS
UMT2Introduction into Modern Technologies 2SLO2021-ZS
UOTRIntroduction to General RelativityKEF2021-ZS
UPROGIntroduction to ProgrammingSLO2021-ZS
UVMP1Science and art - past and present 1KEF2021-ZS
UVMP2Science and art - past and present 2KEF2021-LS
UVMT1Introduction into Modern Technologies 1SLO2021-LS
UVMT2Introduction into Modern Technologies 2SLO2021-ZS
UVTNIntroduction to Computer ScienceKEF2021-ZS
VIEXVirtual Instrumentation in Nucl. PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
VIEXVirtual Instrumentation in Nucl. PhysicsKEF2021-LS
VIJEVirtual Instrumentation in Nucl. PhysicsKEF2021-LS
VKFSelected Lessons in PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
VKMNSelected Lessons in Mathem. AnalysisOPT2021-LS
VKOF1Scientific drawing and object 1KEF2021-ZS
VKOF2Scientific drawing and object 2KEF2021-LS
VKRMXSelected Chapters in Equations of Math.OPT2021-ZS
VKScientific CommunicationOPT2021-ZS
VLSIntroductory Laboratory SeminarKEF2021-ZS
VMSBVybrané metody studia biomakromolekulKBF2021-LS
VOPTMSome Optical Topographic MethodsSLO2021-ZS
VOTMSome optical topographic methodsSLO2021-LS
VPALScientific and Industrial Use of LasersSLO2021-ZS
VPKMSelected Lessons in Quantum MechanicsOPT2021-LS
VPKYSelected Lessons in Quantum MechanicsOPT2021-LS
VPMSelected Lessons in MathematicsOPT2021-ZS
VPMSelected Lessons in MathematicsOPT2021-LS
VPO1XWave and Geometrical Optics 1OPT2021-ZS
VPO2XWave and Geometrical Optics 2OPT2021-LS
VPSFSelected Lessons in Contemporary PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
VPSFXSelected Lessons in Contemporary PhysicsKEF2021-LS
VPTeaching and Learning ProcessKEF2021-ZS
VPOptical elements productionSLO2021-ZS
VRBBFree Radicals in Biology and BiomedicineKBF2021-LS
VRBFree Radicals in Biology and BiomedicineKBF2021-LS
VSAMDevelopment of spectromet. applicationsKEF2021-ZS
VSVibrational spectroscopyOPT2021-ZS
VTVideo TechnologyOPT2021-ZS
VZEHistory of West EuropeOPT2021-ZS
WPROGWindows Applications Development in C#SLO2021-ZS
ZANA1Nanotechnology 1KEF2021-ZS
ZANA2Nanotechnology 2KEF2021-LS
ZANM1Materials Science Basics 1SLO2021-ZS
ZANM2Materials Science Basics 2SLO2021-LS
ZAN1ENanotechnology 1KEF2021-ZS
ZAN2ENanotechnology 2KEF2021-LS
ZCJournal clubOPT2021-ZS
ZCJournal clubOPT2021-LS
ZDF-ESources of Light for PhotonicsSLO2021-ZS
ZF1Elements of Photonics 1SLO2021-LS
ZF2Elements of Photonics 2SLO2021-ZS
ZJMKFine mechanic construction fundamentalsSLO2021-ZS
ZKIXFundamentals of Quantum InformaticsSLO2021-LS
ZKMFundamentals of Quantum MechanicsSLO2021-LS
ZMFFundamentals of Modern PhysicsKEF2021-ZS
ZNM1EMaterials Science Basics 1SLO2021-ZS
ZNM1Materials Science Basics 1SLO2021-ZS
ZNM2EMaterials Science Basics 2SLO2021-LS
ZNM2Materials Science Basics 2SLO2021-LS
ZN1Fundamentals of Nanotechnology 1KEF2021-ZS
ZN2Fundamentals of Nanotechnology 2KEF2021-LS
ZPSpecial optical aidsOPT2021-LS
ZSFXSources of Light for PhotonicsSLO2021-LS
ZTImaging Technics in HealthKEF2021-ZS
ZTZImaging Technics in HealthKEF2021-ZS