You are hereFyzikální praktikum (elektřina a magnetismus)

Fyzikální praktikum (elektřina a magnetismus)

Course: Practicals in Electricity and Magnetism

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/FP2

Year: 2020

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Milan Vůjtek, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Laboratory tasks in electricity and magnetism.

Course review:
Circuit components in DC electric circuits - behaviour of resistors, capacitors and coils, methods of solving of electrical circuits, resistor bridges Circuit components in AC electric circuits - behaviour of resistors, capacitors and coils, measurements of capacitances, solving of electrical circuits and principle of superposition Nonlinear and controlled electrical components - characteristics of varistors, thermistors, diodes and light bulbs, contact resistance Basic properties of RLC electrical circuits - voltage on individual circuit components, currents in AC electrical circuits, power in AC electrical circuits, simulation software programmes Work with oscilloscope - basic operations of oscilloscope, characteristics of signals, True RMS values, Lissajous curves and measurement of phase shifts Magnetic circuit and magnetization curves - measurement of hysteresis loops, transformers, power losses in magnetic circuits Thermal dependence of electrical parameters Electromagnetic induction and magnetic field of coils Electrostatics


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