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Fotonické nanostruktury 2

Course: Photonic Nanostructures 2

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/BFN2

Year: 2021 2022

Guarantee: 'Ing. Jaromír Křepelka, CSc.', 'prof. RNDr. Jan Peřina, Ph.D.'

Annotation: The aim is to acquire basic knowledge about nonlinear (parametric) processes and their application for a design of photonic structures, especially nonlinear layered structures understanding their quantum statistical effects.

Course review:
- Nonlinear polarization and description of nonlinear parametric processes, the second harmonics and subharmonics, Raman and Brillouin scattering - Various types of photonic nanostructures, nonlinear effects connected with surface states - Methods of description of nonlinear phenomena in the structures with significantly localized optical field, classical and quantum description - Spontaneous descending frequency conversion in nonlinear layered periodically-pole and waveguide structures, generation of photon pairs, quantum linkage of photon pairs, selected application of photon pairs - Statistical properties of light, generation of squeezed light in modern photonic structures, eigenmodes with regard to squeezing of quantum fluctuations, distributed feedback and conditions for maximum enhancement of nonlinear interaction - Photopulse statistics in spontaneous and stimulated descending frequency conversion

Nelineární fotonické nanostruktury

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Nelineární fotonické nanostruktury II

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Nonlinear layered structures

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Periodically corrugated nonlinear planar waveguide as a source of squeezed light

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