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Elektronická měření

Course: Electronic Measurements

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/ELMEA

Year: 2020

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Milan Vůjtek, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Issues of measurements - measuring methods, devices, properties of devices, block scheme of a measuring device, electromechanical and electronic measuring devices, types of signals, capacitive, inductive and resistive coupling, electromagnetic compatibility, principles of correct measurements, basic electronic elements, components and circuits used in measurements

Course review:
* Introduction - kinds of electronical instruments, measuring methods, accuracy of measurement, uncertainities and errors * Measurement of DC and AC voltages - analog and digital instruments, micro- and milivoltmeters, LF and HF voltmeters, maxima voltmeters * Measurement of DC and AC currents - fundamentals of current measurements, analog and digital instruments, rectifiers, shunts, capacitive current dividers, current probe * Oscilloscopes - kinds, principles, measurements * Measurement of time intervals and periods - analog and digital methods, measuring of periods, nonius counter * Measurement of frequency - bridges, resonant and beat based instruments, digital methods, measurement of ratio of two frequencies * Measurement of phase - principles, digital measurements * Powermetters * Measuerement of electrical properties of components * Measurement of dynamical properties of circuits * Frequency synthesis


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