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Fyzikální praktikum (mechanika)

Course: Practicals in Mechanics

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/FP1

Year: 2021 2022

Guarantee: 'Mgr. David Smrčka, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Laboratory tasks for the physical practicum (mechanics, oscillations and waves, acoustics)

Course review:
1st week: compulsory safety training Laboratory tasks of the 1st cycle: 1. Measurement of the moment of inertia 2. Measurement of the shear modulus (static method, dynamic method) 3. Mechanical hysteresis: (a) measurement of the hysteresis loop, (b) determination of elastic modulus of various materials from the torsion of the rods 4. Measurement of the density of the liquids by (a) submersible body and (b) connected vessels 5. Measurement of the density of the solids by (a) direct method, (b) hydrostatic method and (c) pyctometer 2nd cycle: 1.

  • Coupled pendulums - measurement on coupled pendulums by SCOPE WIN computer programme
  • Measurement of the shear modulus by (a) static method and (b) dynamic method
  • Basic acoustic measurements by Kundt tube and cylindrical resonator, examination of musical acoustics by ISES system
    Laboratory tasks of the 2nd cycle: 1. Measurement with the 3-axis gyroscope 2. Measurement of gravitational acceleration by reverse pendulum, dependence of oscillation time of physical pendulum on g - Mach pendulum 3.Measurement on mathematical pendulum 4. Balistic pendulum. 5. Measurement on the train set


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