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Předmět: Theory of Signals and Information 2

Katedra/Zkratka: KEF/TSI2E

Rok: 2021

Garant: 'doc. RNDr. Libor Machala, Ph.D.'

Anotace: The main aim is to learn students the main methods of signal modulations and further basic terms and quantities of information theory.

Přehled látky:
1. Basic properties and types of analog modulations of signals 2. Amplitude modulation and effect of noise on amplitude-modulated signals 3. Phase modulation and effect of noise on phase-modulated signals 4. Sampling and impulse modulations of signals 5. Quantization and digital modulations of signals 6. Multi-channel signals 7. Application of software Matlab for modelling of signal modulations 8. Definition and basic terms of information theory, information and its quantitative measures, mathematical inequalities in theory of information 9. Basic types and properties of information entropy 10. Mean mutual information and its properties 11. Coding and redundancy of information 12. Transfer of information via discrete channel 13. Transfer of information via continuous channel 14. Relationship between information and thermodynamic entropy